Jay-Z & Kanye West – Niggas In Paris… 8 Times (Video)

blame it on Shake December 1, 2011

While out in the Chi, The Throne performed their new single… not 6, not 7, but 8 damn times. I have a feeling by the time I catch them in Vegas (what up Guru) they will be ready for double digits. Speaking of Guru, he checked into Chicago’s The Morning Riot to talk about the show, his chemistry with Jay-Z and the state of hip hop.

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  • Kato

    ball so hard i forgot about my other songs! haha gotta love that shit

  • Kato

    Ball so hard i forgot the other songs! now this shit right here is straight up crazy haha gotta love it tho

  • J.T.

    Personally I would only want to here it a couple of times. No more than 3 really. From what i here though, the fans get really into it each time. If the fans like it, who cares.

  • They don’t have enough material to have a set, the concert consists of 40% Jay-Z solo songs, and 40% Kanye solo songs… so they almost have to do a song 8 times in a row… and on top of that all these blogs are gullible enough to keep posting like wow, they did it 4 times, wow 5 times, wow 6… so what? whats the big fucking deal?

  • MyFiddyCents

    This is how they end their set. They still perform plenty of other songs.

  • fredrick


  • str8jckn

    nah roger fallback, its 14 kanye songs, 12 jay songs and 10 of the WTT tracks nigga thats a ton..and Jay didnt even touch 4 lp’s in his catalog..that show was NUTS, BANANAS, AND PUDDIN’…

  • who cares


  • Dp

    this is a fucking joke.. I used to respect kanye.

  • show was amazing. they do it twice and leave the stage. every time after that is determined by the crowd. i was there and we were BEGGING for more. they had everyone come into the aisle and rush the stage, i was 11 rows back jumping up and down on my seat goin apeshit.

    it’d be one thing if they did it and people started leaving, but on the 8th time through the entire arena was still there spazzing with them, throwing hats and shit up on the stage, so happy to be there.

    fall back if you’re talkin shit, you’re just mad you couldnt afford tickets

  • xyz123

    The set alone has like 44 songs and runs over 2 hours…. that sounds like a full set to me.. All the times they do Niggas in paris is just extra.. Shit if they’re giving me more than I paid for they can do it 8 times.. and in the moment I bet u wanna have them keep playing it.

  • GB16-0

    The guy a few spots up from this used to respect Kanye until him and Jay performed Paris 8 times in a row. So after nearly ten years of amazing production and a few CLASSIC albums DP is calling it quits. Maybe it’s just me and it’s just because I was at both the Chicago shows but I just find that pretty damn hilarious this morning. It just sounds like something an 11 year-old would say.

  • chi-town

    Kanye: AGAINNN!!!