Joe Budden – She Don’t Love Me f. Emanny

blame it on Shake December 1, 2011

With a few familiar lines from the Shady 2.0 Cypher, Joey embarks on his latest tale of love and heartbreak. And yes, the 2DopeBoyz-presented Feature Presentation is still on it’s way. Patience!

DOWNLOAD: Joe Budden – She Don’t Love Me f. Emanny (prod. The Klasix)

  • TheRealAGE
  • No one cares, go get punched in the face on camera again you douche bag.

  • leather sweater gay

    “They did all the fucking, my ass just entertained the shit”

    Damn Joey’s on that out the closet type shit with it.

  • ayyy shake… real talk man we ened that new joey. wats the status for real i feel like it’s been held up by the features… we fiendin for that new joe budden (baby voice)

  • who cares

    Verses are ill, but that, I guess we’ll call it a hook, where Emanny is talking ruins the whole flow of the song

  • Frank703

    Typical Joe…nothing but consistency.

  • Kyra

    @ Roger Fallback

    You cared enough to comment tho……..Anyway, Typical Joe, most consistent rapper out there

  • Mitch 3K

    Joe is the only rapper left that I’ll listen to on anything, I’ll D/L some no name off key R&B singers new single just to hear the budden guest spot because he’s that damn good, dude just isnt gay enough for this generation, he needs to put on a skirt and kiss eminem on the mouth and then he’ll blow up like “Pump It Up” all over again because thats what these soft ass new era cornballs are into

  • Joe Budden is one of the dopest, most consistent rappers out right now .. glad he didn’t let that deal change him & his style up (hope i’m not speaking too soon)

    check the new video out <– not spam, just tryna get heard

  • fastflipper


    budden = top 5 doa

  • Teeamo

    Realest to ever do it


  • Thrillz

    Verses are dope as usual
    Track itself is so-so