Terrace Martin – Do It Again f. Kendrick Lamar & Wiz Khalifa (Video)

blame it on Shake December 2, 2011

Directed by FredoTovar & Scott Fleishman (for APLUSFILMZ)

Before I hit this airport for my flight to San Fran w/ the misses (let’s go Niners!), I figured it would be a good time to drop a (2)dope world premiere on y’all. Terrace Martin and company get trippy on the latest set of visuals from Locke High 2.

  • ajacc

    damn these visuals are legit besides wiz’s lame 16

  • We Should be 10 -1 but I’ll take 9 – 2 49ers all day

  • JoeJoe22


  • fucktaylorgang
  • twocents

    Am I the only one who thinks this song is beyond wack, regardless of the Kendrick feature?

  • vlad L

    waitin’ on this since the audio was released. Massive track.

  • omft

    yall should check this out on your free time O.M.F.T “Where the Party at”

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  • And Won

    yeah not feeling the hook but i guess its a club song with kendrick

  • kdotfan

    kendrick is the only good part about this song

  • asdfghjkl

    Kendrick was wack as fuck on this lmfao

  • thedude

    Kanye and Cudi – Welcome to Heartbreak. AlSO, If Wiz is gonna rap lazy like that then Kendrick should not have hopped on this song.

  • kushner

    this song is absolute shit. and don’t get me wrong, i really like kendrick and wiz.

  • red

    Crazy visuals! And I’m going to have to disagree with this song being shit. It’s a pretty good song to me.


    This song was cool but i wasnt digging tose last slow bars on the 3rd verse

  • seth

    i dunno if the song totally sucks, it was just kinda weird hearing kendrick and wiz talk like we didn’t know they smoke and drink. oh you smoke weed wiz? i never would have thought that from all your other songs! and kendrick was sounding pretty angsty at the beginning. just a different side of them

  • aaron

    yep, they used the same damaged video thing

    but it also look very similar to kendrick’s Look out for detox video APLUSFIMS also did

  • Me

    I just never get it when an artist blatantly rips off another artist. Welcome to Heartbreak. Exact same idea. Like damn, switch something up.

  • Domo Genesis’s Rolling Papers > Wiz’s Rolling Papers…am I wrong?

  • TheChillout

    @Shake – San Fran huh!!!!????? u should stop by Club six and check out the Z-Man (One Block Radius) and Equipto (Bored Stiff) homecoming tour.They just got back from europe and the whole west coast,The dopest emcee’s in san fran and its gonna be a sold out show.This show includes Aceyalone and Aesop from living legends.Good way to tap into what we got out here and to add material to your site.

  • Beat/Production = A-
    KL 1st verse= A-
    Hook= B+
    Wiz 2nd verse= B-
    Wiz/KL 3rd verse/bridge= B
    Video= B
    Overall= (B)-(B+)

    KL, don’t waste your time with these so, so tracks. All you need is a “Best I ever Had.”

  • Salt Lake

    Kendrick was the highlight of it

  • Ms. Hiphopaholic

    That was unfortunately pretty lame.

  • AAA

    Kendrick is losing who he was to the industry all he stood for is disappearing what happened to Hiiipower n all that real shit?

  • k3

    burned alive pretty much summed up where kendrick is going now..

  • JHP

    You people annoy me, you hear one track that’s not on some backpack rapper conscious shit from Kendrick and wanna say he’s starting to sell out, just STFU!!! This song isn’t even mainstream, this would never get play on the mainstream radio stations, it’s an alright track over all. Kendrick goes in on everything, Wiz just did Wiz, and the hook was whatever