Tinie Tempah – Lucky C*nt f. Big Sean

blame it on Shake December 2, 2011

Fresh off his single with J. Cole, the London native returns with the follow-up single featuring Big Sean. Happy Birthday.

DOWNLOAD: Tinie Tempah – Lucky Cunt f. Big Sean

  • MEKANOMiCSx101

    whats up with all thumbs down? this tracks solid

  • twoface

    tinie is on that 50 cent down on me flow haaard..but dope song still.

  • TiYah

    this song sounds like something penned for a female rapper. the delievery, N’ just the overall song seems like it would be harder coming from a woman

  • sike

    It gets a thumbs up for the beat only. Was it produced by the Neptunes?

  • ****************************

    probably the first time i’ve seen “c*nt in a song title

  • nzn

    big up tinie for doing his thing and branching out to us.

  • H

    sometimes it seems that u hate as on principle cuz its not from the us

  • JA

    damn, I curse all the time, but something about the word “cunt” still makes me cringe, just such a dirty sounding word

  • Jakvist

    Big Sean always funny as hell. love that guys attitude

  • Seattle

    Cunt…classic lol a first

  • Jbob

    Guy needs to stop collabing with nigger like wiz Cole and big Sean so he can get his name out there that’s a cheesy grind ya uk wanker

  • []D [] []V[] []D

    ^how is cole cheesy? i can see sean and def wiz, but come on nigga

  • Jbob

    None of em is cheesy I love Cole wiz and kindah like big Sean as a friend I’m saying the moves this niggas making is corny

  • Mda33

    Real Shit!!!!, How Can Niggaz Hate On Big Sean?!!!….Cuz Of His Adlibs?!, Ok Maybe But His Flow Iz Nice!, Delivery Was Crazy!…SMH, Song Was Tight…

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    lol… cole and sean got paid out the ASS for the features, this fool is trying to blow in the US hard

  • CuntMaster

    for the guy who asked, Wizzy Wow produced this btw…. and cunt is used in a different way here in the UK haha, it’s like how you yanks use motherfucker now, its not always a bad thing… you get good cunts, bad cunts, greedy cunts, sound cunts and… lucky cunts…