Crakk Nicholson - Crakk Nicholson (Beattape)

The homie J57 just dropped this off in my inbox. I'm always open to listening to some ill beat tapes, and this is definitely defined as top billin'. They're currently making some noise in the NYC scene and have rocked many an ILLmind producer showcase.

Crakk Nicholson is a collaborative beat project between 21-year-old producers Shy Guy (Texas) and Benjamin Bradley (Toronto/Pittsburgh). The instrumentals are a pastiche of regional hip-hop styles, which combines high and low brow aesthetics, ranging from southern trap to cerebral beat music and boom bap. The duo is based out of NYC.

DOWNLOAD: Crakk Nicholson - Crakk Nicholson (Beattape)

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  • HMCJoko

    This project is pure fire

  • YaGurlRachel

    This is swagged out

  • bobby


  • PJdaDon

    Dope beats

  • Bonoro

    sick beats for real man

  • bbking19

  • Shy Guy

    thanks for the post y'all

  • Shy Guy

    also check out our tumblr!!

  • E. Randall

    nice! def gna be using some of these beats for the next project!

  • jackson,fanny

    !?!!???!!! 10011

  • Cy Dailey

    this is some dope shit!

  • Miss k

    <3 Fresh <3

  • amz


  • a6nt6ho6ny

    whoa this is a pleasant surprise.

  • Just

    Damn, this is flames! Hardest beattape I've heard all year. Keep it up ShyGuy and Ben.