• http://www.HoldMyCoat.com HMCJoko

    This project is pure fire

  • YaGurlRachel

    This is swagged out

  • bobby


  • PJdaDon

    Dope beats

  • Bonoro

    sick beats for real man

  • bbking19


  • Shy Guy

    thanks for the post y'all

  • http://crakknicholson.com Shy Guy

    also check out our tumblr!! http://crakknicholson.tumblr.com

  • http://erandallw.tumblr.com/ E. Randall

    nice! def gna be using some of these beats for the next project!

  • jackson,fanny

    !?!!???!!! 10011 http://vimeo.com/31794447

  • Cy Dailey

    this is some dope shit!

  • http://www.twitter.com/djmisskittie Miss k

    <3 Fresh <3

  • amz


  • a6nt6ho6ny

    whoa this is a pleasant surprise.

  • Just

    Damn, this is flames! Hardest beattape I've heard all year. Keep it up ShyGuy and Ben.