• And Won

    more white rappers named awkward, sign me up.

  • rob jr

    is this the dude from the "livin de life" video?

  • KC

    HEAT. the beat is premo and Daytona is nice



    WOW! a RARE BORING or WHACK beat produced by HARRY FRAUD that doesnt happen often ... I figured HARRY FRAUD & SEAN PRICE this would be a BANGER! for sure but I guess you cant hit a HOMERUN everytime

  • http://twitter.com/intelligentrap intelligentrap

    No idea what these kids are talking about. AWK's name is AWKWORD with an "O" and this song is FUCKING DOPE!

  • Vice

    Dope track Awk! Quality hiphop homie!

  • Rich Manson

    this is a hit record. period.

  • JustAnotherVic

    hilarious, witty, catchy, fresh! REPEAT xxxx

  • Joanna

    dopest dope i've ever smoked