Common – The Believer f. John Legend (prod. No I.D.)

blame it on Meka December 5, 2011

The second half of the title track of Lonnie’s upcoming The Dreamer, The Believer, dropping December 20th.

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  • nito

    Is this the official Tim Tebow song?

  • This album will be the best hip-hop album this year. I bet my last dollar on it.. either this or UNDUN

  • TipTheScale

    fuck john legend ruined the track

  • moraga

    am i the only one who just isn’t feeling common’s new shit? i don’t get the hype. BE is/was a classic, and will always be one of those albums i throw on for some real hip-hop. other than that album, though, i guess i just don’t really dig common.

  • nik


    let me guess u a kanye stan
    like water for chocolate >>>

    anyways really digging common’s recent shit but dis one meh live version >>>

    plus john legend is wack on dis

  • JOSH

    this is great. looking forward to hearing some decent sh_t on my radio.

  • daman

    No Lie, This Is The Best Song He Put Out From The Album. With the exception of blue sky, all the other songs were sub par. Sweet is just…bad. Lyrics are whack. Ghetto dreams is a disappointment. Celebration is just all right. Ppl only call the songs good because its Common. I think this album is going to be a huge disappointment. Coming from a Common fan.

  • FakirWise

    This is hot

  • GR

    The 216 thumbs are solely for the respect of a legend, because this track is average as fuck.

  • fred

    best album of the century

  • marty mcfly

    The thumbs up arent just outta respect because the meaning behind what he’s saying carries alot more weight then most rappers songs. Common can do in one song what takes another artist a whole album and thats his genius. Isnt this the album people have been waiting for? A return to the sound of Be, because his last album was Universal Mind Control and people werent too happy with that and before that was Finding Forever and people slept on that. So I think overall fans of Common should be happy with the songs they’ve heard on Believer so far. My only complaint is that Ghetto Dreams could have been a more battle rap song lyrically but at the end of the day songs like this one really does cover most rappers whole album worth of substance with just one song.

  • GR

    @marty mcfly Well, for one, I know that Common is a rapper with little to no haters based on the subject matter he tackles (positivity, triumphance over struggle) ; it’s agreeable hip-hop, but bold in its own way. But musically, i don’t think this album is doing it, solely based on the leaks, and listeners like me have honestly been waiting for that more cause we know Common has the substance. As lyrically potent this album could be, I feel this track and maybe even this whole album could be as forgettable/stale as Finding Forever…when it gets to that point, it implies a little bit of failure on the artist’s part. Sometimes SPECIFICALLY delivering the album people want forces the music and that’s what I’m getting from tracks like Ghetto Dreams, Sweet, and this track with John Legend being on the hook. Beats that don’t necessarily feel like their in character with Common.

  • Frank

    @nik I hate hip hop fans like you who cant accept another man’s differing opinion without catching bitch made feelings. Im surprised you bitch ass didnt call him a hater and tell him to go listen to lil b.

  • marty mcfly

    @GR Thats just how Common is cause if you go through any of his albums there is always something thats either missing or not as strong as the other songs. Common has never been the most well rounded artist beat wise when making a album but all his albums have their moments and thats really what people want cause usually those parts of his albums are really dope.

  • marty mcfly

    And No I.D is one of the best producers ever so still looking forward to this album. Out

  • timestretch

    so far 7 people didnt kike this. u all should go jump off the nearest bridge or play dice on the clostest freeway. and i havent even listened to it. faggots in the truest sense of the word.

  • to me Common’s last album (the one with Neptunes) was really super wack but the three songs i’ve heard from this new album (“Ghetto Dreams”, “Sweet” and “Blue Sky”) points to this being a strong comeback for him as an artist. suprised to hear some peeps being dissapointed in “Ghetto Dreams” and “Sweet”, best tracks i’ve heard from him in years… i’ll wait to hear more til i can listen to the full thing though

  • D Strong & Mac – The Burden
  • Akademik

    Who gives a fuck about a beat? If you can’t feel the emotion and honesty behind the words, then you’ll always find something to hate about. I think this album will be some of his best work. Stop judging songs on your lame opinion of what you think Common should say, who should have made his beats, who’s singing the hook, and whatever lame points you haters are bringing up. Thing I like about Common is he drives in his own lane. Doesn’t switch up on every fad that comes along. And for the record, Universal Mind Control was big overseas (where people value artistic expression instead of cookie cutter copy cats). Keep doing you thing Common!

  • Twi

    oooooooooooooh shit, too dope. Common is my role model

  • Jesij

    #akademik. dude you sound so retarded. this is music…. if you dont care about beats then go to a fucking open mic poetry session. i wish you realized how stupid you sound. I dig the song but youre logic is so damn ignorant. complaining that people are actually critiquing music… sorry we have reasonable standards for listening to music.

  • JIJI

    “so far 7 people didnt kike this. u all should go jump off the nearest bridge or play dice on the clostest freeway. and i havent even listened to it. faggots in the truest sense of the word.”

    this is by the far the stupidest comment of 2011. You havent even listened to the song and you are condemning people who actually have listened to it for having opinions.. you havent even listened to the song you fucking faggot. the fuck is wrong with you. i cant stand you dickriding faggots

  • Nobody

    Common is common. That is all.

  • Bryan

    great song…i honestly like all the leaks so far, can’t wait for 12/20…what i don’t like is we’ve pretty much heard half the album

  • Trax$

    I don’t go into listening to shit hoping for the old version of an artist man. Thats just a way to fuck up your opinion of how the new shit stands on its own. For example people not being able to enjoy new Eminem, or Raekwon, or Wu because of this whole they were better before shit. Who cares man. I listen to the track and if I don’t love the lyrics I see how I feel about the beat or vice versa. If I can’t find love for one I toss that shit. Now common started out hot with Nas putting out a nice feature, Blue Skies was solid, but this I just didn’t feel. Normally I like NO ID tracks but this beat was meh, John Legend went too big with the hook, and Common’s flow was off. I have enjoyed tracks from every album Common ever put out so I’m sure his new album will be solid just like the rest of them. However I listened to Undone and it doesn’t stand a chance of being better.

  • Trax$

    Just to clarify I mean Commons new album will not even come close to the Roots new album. Its friggin amazing as usual.

  • Maga D

    I said I wouldn’t listen to any more tracks from the album till I copped it, but I could’nt help it, this tracks the jam. I normally don’t like JL like that, but he did it justice. & to make it clear to that one commenter, Comm’s got Four albums that are way better than Be, arguably Five. & imho hasn’t released any questionable material beside the last album, this one seems on point from all the tracks. Then again, Comm’s a top 5 MC for me. December 20th is the date.

  • What a shame


  • The Co_oL

    Nice trolling lol

    Dope track btw, I loved John Legend’s hook

  • ThaTruth

    If you love roots Undun album then you should have no problem liking this song. John legend killed that hook.

  • twocents

    JOhn Legend totally fucked this song up… he’s the only wack part of it.

  • JA

    @ Maga D four, maybe five albums better than Be? What the fuck are you talking about?

  • marty mcfly

    Common albums

    Can I Borrow a Dollar and Resurrection came out before I really knew about Common so I didnt listen to those albums until years later so no comment on those.

    One Day it’ll all make Sense = Dope and probably Commons most well put together album and lyrically every song has something dope in it. I havent listened to this album in a while but I remember thinking to myself this shit is crazy last time I listened to it.

    like Water For Chocolate = the real reason im a Common fan because this album is where Common shows why he’s one of the Goats. This album I feel is the closest to being a classic out of all his albums cause if it had maybe just two more hardcore songs, it would damn near be Illmatic status.

    Electric Circus = Commons most lyrical album because if you just listen to his style on this album, no other rapper can do it. The year before Common was said to be the most lyrical rapper by the Source so on this album I feel I tried to cement that BUT this album is right in the middle of the Neo Soul Era so its sonically all over the place and thats its downfall.

    Be = the peoples favorite Common album, this album is Common trying to get back to his roots. It also is very close to being classic because if this album ended with another song like Corner or Chi City it would have been perfect.

    Finding Forever = some of Commons greatest songs ever because of tracks 2,3,6,7 and 12. The other songs are just cool but this album is Common at his most focused imo.

    U.M.C = the album people hate but personally this album had alot of replay value because of tracks 1,2,3,6,8 and 10. Thats damn near the whole album so personally I think this album is dope.

    Lastly I am a Roots fan but I highly doubt Undun will be better then the Believer because with a track record like the one I just described its a very good chance Common will have a incredible album.

  • marty mcfly

    Correction on the Electric Circus part, I feel HE tried to cement that…

  • dmac-daddyy

    so overated

  • Spike

    The Roots undun >>>

    But still, this album will be dope. Common has already dropped classics upon classics – Resurrection, Like Water For Chocolate, Be – he doesn’t need to prove himself. And all the leaks have been on repeat for me so far.

  • Spike

    Also, whoever said Finding Forever was stale – get the fuck out, that shit was incredible as well.


  • I slept but Common’s new shit is dope. I like what he’s doing. This isn’t my favorite of the new stuff but it gets a thumbs up.

  • Anakin

    how can u hate on this.. i hate how idiots who don’t know shit about music feel the need to be a critic.. anyways, this joint is an instant classic.. Legend killed it and it’s Common at his best. This is what real hip hop sounds like