Tyga – Make It Nasty (Video)

blame it on Meka December 5, 2011

Directed by Alex Nazari

Gee… I wonder what this video is going to be about… #AllKindsOfNSFW



    Pretty decent/catchy for Tyga……Not catchy enough to make me a fan unfortunately.

  • FloridaBoy

    can’t believe people hate on real niggas making hood music but yet listen to bullshit like this

    shows you what sort of people come on these sites

    you know kim kardashians 16 years old sister listen to this guy

  • Positive: He figured out a way to make people watch his video in its entirety.

    Negative: Since I muted it after the first 30 seconds, there was no sound.

  • tompetty

    ^^^much better on mute!

  • tygas cool n my book

    this is a situation where the video made me like the song im not gona b buying careless world or downloading the mixtape but u cant b mad at pretty naked bitches poppin they booty and showing they boobies

  • Tyga is wack

    Can’t rap so I will show you naked white broads!

  • mathis

    i love the diversity. didnt see one black girl lol

  • drobot

    any one else see amia miley??? lol

  • Ivan8311

    I think all you fools are just jealous of the guy.. That’s the funny thing haha

  • james

    why would anybody be jealous of some cornball dude with zero longevity? Drake is a corny motherfucker too, but he ain’t goin anywhere cause his shit is atleast semi-catchy.

    Also props to the pornstar enthusiast above naming that chick $

  • TYGAfelloff

    i rather be jealous of Chris Brown than TYGA right about now. Since fan of a fan this dude has gone SOOOO SOUTH !!!! This the kinda tune I expect from YG !!!!!!

  • jdz


    You’re a retard, I’m sick of this “real nigga” shit.
    There’s shouldn’t be expectations of what a ‘nigga’ should be!
    This guy makes music he wants to make and people like it, end of story!

  • Stay Frosty

    For some reason I can’t hear the video and I’m not complaining mainly because it’s Tyga. I just saw NSFW and automatically pressed play.

  • these women have no respect for themselves. not necassarily because the only way they get paid is if they’re naked, but because they’re in a Tyga video

  • Whybruh

    @Buc got the best post i seen this year

  • Tee Max

    …really…?! like…REALLY?!! its either that acts like tyga make s**t music, in order to justify making these types of videos, (which has been executed FAR better), or they actually think this is…original?!! either way, NOT a good look

  • NYdreams

    automatically …. video of the year…

  • meh

    these videos are a dime a dozen now. its easy to pay some strippers, get em coked/liquored up and have them make out with each other…

  • No Respect

    cosign @ bucknasty

  • Santa

    Tyga makes alot of better music. Check out Black Thoughts 2 and Outraged and Underaged

  • 1Hunnit

    @mathis I did see a couple of black girls in there btw.

  • jb

    I need to download this shit somehow

  • Tip Drill > this

  • Amia

    amia miley = best in the game…nuff said.

  • food4thought

    SMH…. Nothing changes in our society I see, Im sorry I just can’t get into artist that objectify women and think that it is okay not to mention rap about the same things which have no meaning.

  • -So he’s just making club songs? Fuck Tigger and corny ass.. Shits weak no Zeus slaps from me word to P.Tone.

  • -So he’s just making club songs? Fuck Tigger corny ass.. Shits weak no Zeus slaps from me word to P.Tone.

  • Stop blazin’ !! it would have been interesting if Tyga did really fucked in live and motion one of these whores… this clip is just sexy for virgin faggots not for adults… ahahhahaha

  • idris

    these women have no respect for themselves. not necassarily because the only way they get paid is if they’re naked, but because they’re in a Tyga video



  • illWILL

    “my video’s is real life, we shoot that shit to have fun”
    You must be either gay or a homosexual to hate on this video, dude coming in here talking about objectifying women, it was obviously her choice to be in the industry she is in.

  • Mr. Andre

    Mayne! That Amia chick looks nasty with them fake tits.

  • themighty

    will never listen to tiger… but if you didn’t like this video…. you’re gay, sorry.

  • ImGood

    Tyga > your life..stop hating ppl

  • Ni**as really be hating on Tyga, not saying hes the best but damn .. This video was the shit though aha

  • monique

    that bunny was funny tyga do it big and why people tlking shit about the video but they the ones still watching the shit. No body made you look at the video if you ant want to see it go google some other shit or look at other stuff man. Stop looking at it if you don’t like it. #hating ass niggas cause they can’t never do something like tyga done n did. :-)

  • V RAWW

    Fuck all them niggas hatin on the man Tyga. He be tearing this rap shit up. You haters jealous admit it, you talk it toga lives it!

  • Makeitnasty

    Make it nasty

  • LaKing