A$AP Mob On Hot 97 (Video)

blame it on Meka December 6, 2011

The accompanying visual footage from Rocky, Ferg, Nast and Twelvy’s Funkmaster Flex debut. I think I’ll take a breakfast break now…

DOWNLOAD: A$AP Mob On Hot 97

  • factormax

    i fuck with the mixtape, but asap’s bars bore me. production carries this dude.

  • Isa

    This sucks. NY rap is dead.

  • respect

    nah he says sum slick shit and he never presented himself as a lyricist he’s ben a swag rapper since Purple SWAG

  • yupp

    they weeak. especially mr. lisp.

  • FuckUHTN`

    I like A$AP as a movement but they need not to go on shows to display their lyricaly ability because it’s clear that they have none. Nast is clearly freestyling whuch isnt a good look for him. Ferg keeps recycling the same verses over and over again. You’re a rapper take your craft seriously!!!!! Twelvy just does nothing for me rap wise and Rocky needs his production team which is painfully obvious when you listen to him over industry beats. Their manager or label needs to pull them to the side quick because they/re dying with every freestyle session they do. Stick to the Music visuals A$AP! That’s your BREAD AND BUTTER!!!!

  • quas

    lol yall expectin to much from these guys, this was sick, I didnt think the other members would bring it but they did.

  • Rock

    I was gonna comment but FuckUHTN summed it up perfectly.

  • StEEz

    rockys the only of them with real talent. and like respect said he be sayin sick shit but hes deff not a lyricist

  • Stay Frosty

    I be swimming in these women, I’m the scuba diver lover… Not gonna lie that was pretty slick. Lost interest after Rocky.


    Rocky is the truth….I can’t watch that nigga rap because his mouth movement is disgusting but I can listen to him but as to that big nigga with the Biggie shades and no flow? He’s gotta get dropped from the group or something NOONE can respect that flow can they? Please don’t tell me that

  • Department

    “lol yall expectin to much from these guys”

    nigga what? its so many cats that would kill for the chance to get on Hot 97 and RIP the same mics legendary crews have before…but instead this is what we’re subject to? Not hating on their grind, but they seriously need to step it up or get those bars all the way the fuck outta here

  • yo these niggas r horrible..
    i hate to see a certain name everywhere then when i finally decide to go ahead and click to see if its worth tha hype and then it sounds like this..
    niggas need to stop rappin ‘asap’..