Blu – The Clean Hand (prod. Pete Rock)

blame it on Shake December 6, 2011

What’s this? Blu over some Pete Rock!? I’ll take it! And who said Twitter was evil? Well, I did… but, it has its perks.

DOWNLOAD: Blu – The Clean Hand (prod. Pete Rock)

  • yeah, blu and pete rock colabo

    one of my favorite rappers, cant tell if this is cdq, doesn’t song like it though, classic blu though

  • markaveli

    kendrick…blu…pac div…new west shit!!

  • Yeah


  • TekZilla

    Thatd be great if this was supposed to be a DM. No way this is a finished track.

  • jmt999

    Not really feeling blu because the quality of all of his songs sound like they were recorded in a dungeon with the Talkboy from Home Alone 2.

  • jay

    this is grimey pete rock blu dopeness great track sounds quality to me yall niggas act like you never listened to underground hip hop before lol

  • dan99

    I wished blu delivered more songs like these

  • YES YES !

  • kayo

    best shit he’s dropped in a while… this is amazing

  • John

    I love it!!!!
    We need more of this!

  • st.louis

    BLU and if you see the E drop’em

  • This is what we love to hear from Blu!
    We want that album where he collabs with classic hip hop greats on the beats and some of that raw hiphop lyrics and flow he brings!

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    Blu, thank you. Been waiting on some dope shit from dude and he delivered.

  • josh


  • Joun

    this a dope little collabo..
    …Look i would be out on my ASS if this dude hadn’t showed me how to make money EVERYTIME I comment on a site I owe him 2 spread the word…

  • BluRock



  • T

    This is so good. Wow. This must be old because Blu hasn’t been this good in a while.

  • AnDuSaYcHiCiTy

    What’s that in his hand?

  • Youtube Link to this song:

  • rt11011

    MY BOI BLU IS BACK! hahh this song is so pure n smooth. n heyyyo to my real hip hop heads out there! who has heard this instrumental sample b4 i have, from another one of my fav. producers his name starts with a number, anyone witha good guess

  • Ay Premo

    9th Wonder – Why don’t we fall in love

  • yeah

    Still laughing that he was left off undun

  • word, this must be old cuz this is the blu i love/miss…

    i mean, some of his newer shizz is illy, but this is what i personally like to hear from him….

  • God

    Nobody cares what u say Shake. Pretty fuckin arrogant for a blogger if u ask me…

  • heater rock

  • wackness

    This is illy! Quality is fine get over it you bitches.

  • not

    this is ill, can somebody tell me some good blu shit to dl, yeah i’ve slept far too long

  • red

    @not yea you have been sleeping…

    My favorites:
    Her Favorite Colo(u)r (Mixtape)
    So(ul) Amazing 3 (Mixtape)
    So(ul) Amazing (Mixtape)
    Below the Heavens (Album) (Considered to be a modern classic)

    You can find all of these on mixtape download sites or torrents

    His other work (that I have)
    Lifted (The C.O.R.E.)
    So(ul) Amazing 2
    Johnson & Jonson
    j e s u s
    The Greatest Guest Features Collection
    A Day Late & A Dollar Short
    Quarter Water Supporter/Please Don’t Rain

  • A Peetstumental!

  • tompetty

    damn red, that was dope of you.

  • CAKE

    This is good as fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk k k kkkk kk k..Both of these cats are dope and keeping real hip-hop alive!

  • not

    @red good looks on that

  • SK

    Blu will make a few appearances as well as producing on Aaron Smarter’s album Hustlemonth. You can stream a couple of them at Smarter’s bandcamp page.

  • super jimmy

    Yall cats slippin on that crew out of Long Beach Commoners and Kings. Why is the west the new East!!!!! I’m diggin it!

  • yeah

    Beat is ass