Dyme Def - Yuk the World (Album)

With BeanOne and Brainstorm on the boards, the Seattle trio release their new album. Hit the jump for a full stream and a link to download.

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  • This EP is easily in my top 10 rap releases this year! good work from dudes you aint familiar with is a nice holiday gift..

  • Youngoa

    this album is dope... thats all i got to say about that..
    ...Look i would be out on my ASS if this dude hadn't showed me how to make money EVERYTIME I comment on a site http://t.co/a2BqjOH ..so I owe him 2 spread the word...

  • DJ

    I love it! These guys have been putting it down for a few years, trying to help Seattle back up on the map. I give them mad props and will continue to support them like I always have since they released their first album Space Music. YUK!

  • Amich

    Trying to help Seattle back up on the map? That shit didn't go anywhere and its BEEN on the map.... Hottest city for hip-hop right now by far... for example... The Physics, Scholars, Macklemore, Grieves & Budo, Gabriel Teodros, Khingz, Grynch, Sol, BFA, Dyme Def and many many more...

  • genghis

    ^ 206 is awesome....but ever heard of LA? come on lol

  • chillinkid

    jerry butler sample on cheers ftw


Tove Lo - "Cool Girl" (Video)

The first single off Lady Wood gets a visual.

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