damn this is tough solomon

  • ali g

    gotdamn this is dope. one of the GOAT battle rappers and one of the few that can make good music. big ups

  • ad

    Track and video, incredible.

  • Brockafella

    gettin bigger and bigger soloman (not the good big, like fat big), can barely emphasize your rhymes when you walkin, weak

  • moto

    finally dropped this one! one of the best undergd rappers- dope one solomon

  • housekeeping?

    Fat guy in a little coat.

  • Frass

    good song.my gosh he got really fat though

  • Chefboy hardy

    This nigga been eatin the competition.

  • Ray

    i swear u niggaz or gay who gives a fuck if the guy is not fucking skinny.. the music is dope and the vid was dope so wtf does it matter? swear u muthafuckaz should be some female modeling agents the way you're concerned with GROWN ass MEN'S physical appearance.. gtfoh u fuckn tools

  • FakirWise

    Video and song and good. I look forward to seeing what else he brings to the table.

  • Blah

    This dude just keeps getting cheesier.

  • Brought Worst

    Should change the name of the album. "Watch the Scones"