Malice Speaks On His Religous Beliefs (Video)

blame it on Meka December 6, 2011

Who knew that one day something from The 700 Club would be on this decadent-loaded website. Malice (should I even be calling him by this name out of respect for his faith anymore?) sat down with T7C and opened up about the things that he saw that made his life change. *dead* at “Kane West,” though.

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  • isaiah

    “It’s Kanye, but some of my plaques still say Kayne”
    lol at dude say Kane West like he never ever heard of him or something

  • The Malcontent 310

    wow, either this dude it getting his Mase on, or he got spooked from the drug game cuz this nigga drank the whole pitcher of Kool-
    Aide. The 700 Club is hella racist. I always wonder with moments like this…What are the images that both these men have of Jesus the Christ. Does Malice envision the Black Messiah or the the white Hippy version the Pink-Toe cat on the right dickrides. Just Sayin.. What up Meka

  • JimClones


  • seriously

    The Malcontent 310 what your said is stupid as fk. Getting spooked from the drug game? Drug game only results in death or jail time few make it out. Music is only entertainment its not real.

  • buckets


  • chronwell

    I wish the brother good fortune. Im no Christian but I hope he can be successful bringing his message to the listeners.

  • 2dope

    Man I can’t wait to hear his Gospel project!

  • Respect & Love.

  • Cavs1217

    I know exactly what Malice is talking about. I think we’ve all experienced the “emptiness” that comes with doing certain activities in certain situations that are only temporary fun but personally demoralizes your character at the end of the day. We need more of this in your culture.

    And lol @ Kayne West smh…

  • Cavs1217


  • TL

    “…Religions are all alike – founded upon fables and mythologies…”-Thomas Jefferson

    “…Lighthouses are more useful than Churches…” -Benjamin Franklin

  • TL

    Fine, change your name Malice, but PushaT we need Pusha Ton not Pusha Testament, all this religious talk is nonsense. I saw a nun recently, as of a few hours ago at a store, buy a fake plant, strike one, really fake plant nun, shows how warm and caring you are, and second she turned down donating to the childrens hospital, I mean its not even a deal I turn that down all the time but I’m also not a nun, how about just donate ONE DOLLAR lady, I was right behind her and chuckled to myself

  • zookeeper

    @TL … let’s say you’re right? Where is the downside in Malice’s story? …Idiot.

  • TL

    you’re right, there is none, its just more of an intellectual let down I suppose

  • TL

    actully I have maybe there are 1 or 2 downsides, one he has a cool rap name, sad to see that go, and The Clipse are one of my favorite groups,it be disappointing to hear some watered down music

  • nigga please

    ahhhhh too many emotions here…just rap. TL i second your intellectual let down. Not tryna preach, but don’t wanna be preached at either. Also, if you REALLY think about it…well, I’m not gonna get anybodies buttholes sore

  • Get Real

    Can’t express how disappointed I am when I hear this shit. This is a guy who is a self made millionaire. Now he’s out the hood and wants preach about God. Fall back son. How you going to become a millionaire from drugs and rap music then talk about how God saved you. MFer Drugs and Rap music saved you! Tell the truth. You made the best of a bad situation. Good! It has nothing to do with God. God didn’t make you write the lyrics to “What Happened To That Boy”. But it did make you Boku Bucks. Fall back with this God Bullshit.

    You look like an idiot going on the 700 club with these rasict backwoods morons.

  • Fuck is this

    @Get Real..exactly
    this some bullshit

  • Most of us dont have the courage to step out there and take a leap of faith. Props to Malice. Clipse forever!