WZRD (KiD CuDi x Dot Da Genius) – Teleport 2 Me [Snippet]

blame it on Meka December 6, 2011

CuDi just let loose this brief snippet – the official first single – from his and Dot Da Genius’ upcoming WZRD project.

DOWNLOAD: WZRD (KiD CuDi x Dot Da Genius) – Teleport 2 Me [Snippet] | Mediafire
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  • poop


    lol. nah, i respect the change but for real… this is really lacking.

  • Me

    This WZRD shit is okay…definitely feel like there’s some element missing. Big Cudi fan, that last album is a fucking classic and I grew a lot more respect for Cudi as a songwriter. He showed a lot of growth. This new shit seems like a couple of steps back though. I’ll wait and see when the album drops.

  • GR

    This is actually pretty dope. There’s just too many melodies going on at the same time. Wish he would use the middle melody as the chorus and rap on it instead though.

  • I

    Whether it was Plain Pat & Emile Present a Kid Named Cudi or both of his last two albums, he still comes through swinging touching on so many different types of music.
    @Me, feel like that element slipped away awhile back. He used to focus more on rapping, now he’s more focused on “singing” Still like his sound.
    Experimenting isn’t bad, especially after where he’s been and what he’s done. I’m a Cudder fan and I’ve seen rappers go through horrible changes and get sucked into a horrible hole.
    I’m sure he knows where to draw the line. Cudi is talented, period. Brake was definitely different but still touches on some of the sounds heard in MOTMII.
    His new album should be solid.

  • Dope beat. They sampled the “Drive” soundtrack for that shit. The track is called “Under Your Spell” by Desire.

  • 2i1L1L

    Haven’t liked any of the stuff cudi been puttin out for the last year but this I actually enjoy.


    DOPe !?!?!?!

  • StoneyTonyBologna520

    Cudi is fuckin dope..this song is the shit..idk about everyone else but i’ve been feelin verything he has been puttin out, like brake, and perfect is the word, i still wanna hear rocket..but this teleport 2 me is dope, i cant wait to hear the full song..this WZRD album is gonna be fuckin epic!!!
    also that song Cudi the Kid song that he did for steve aoki is gonna be fuckin heroin haha..word to ya mutha..

  • raulmondesi

    this is cudi’s best of the wzrd movement, congrats cudder i dug brake but this is some nice groove!

  • DMT

    I’m so sick of pop. How much of a douche do you have to be to feel comfortable making this song?

  • I’m a fan of good music I realize not everything by an artist I like is gonna be up to par or in my taste but it does feel like others above said there is an element or something missing in his newer stuff. Meh if you like you like it but I’m not diggin this ish. Keep trying cudi keep growin cause this shit sounds like your trying really really hard instead of just dope music flowing out of you.

  • Son of S.A.M.

    This song is dopeness, truly. I wasn’t a fan of “Brake” at all.

  • Jordan

    Wasn’t feeling Brake and i’m a huge Cudi fan but I love this joint!

  • djruthless

    faggot shit

  • Gino


  • B

    YO LISTEN FUCK ALL THE HATERS CUDI’s BACK. stop hating and being angry with your life just chill back and vibe take in the emotion its raw talent. u nigz got some hater vision if u cant seeeeee thiss shit its so sick hollyyyyyyyy. YES CUDDER MY DUDE U ON TOP

  • martian

    nice pic design.cudi is deep and the fact that hes keeping the space and galactic scene is sick.pushing the element of music.

  • Malach!

    I Like It…It is Actually Amazing,And I Respect The Change Kid Cudi And Dot Da Genius Are Doing.I Can’t Wait Until The FULL ALBUM Comes Out