ScHoolboy Q – Habits & Contradictions (Artwork)

blame it on Shake December 7, 2011

Cover art to ScHoolboy Q’s upcoming project. And from what I heard while out in Miami? Heat! Then again, that’s to be expected when anyone from the TDE conglomerate releases something.

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  • MyFiddyCents

    ASAP Rocky Schoolboy Q – Brand New Guys >>>

  • DayO

    ^”wut tHis popcorn about?”

  • DayO

    @daveisfree said if enough ppl ontwitter hit him up he’ll give out the release date.

    DO IT!

  • I’ve been waiting on Q’s followup
    Thi is gonna be some more grooooooovy sh*t

  • kd

    “biggie and nas put they ass in a blender, sprinkle some 50 and came out this nigga”

  • Q!

  • dirtysixchambers

    can someone post up what the two exhibits are on the cover? i can’t see them good enough.

  • ^^click the cover for a slightly larger version.

  • Holy shit, that description is filled with dickriding. I mean Schoolboy is dope, but you two muthafuckas dick ride the TDE camp waaaaaay too hard. Calm down with that shit.

  • SMH

    Why he letting this white dude lick his face for?

  • White Mamba

    Q! Cant wait for this..we need a date

  • FiveNine


    Knowing how these guys do things, this shit will drop Dec 31st…at midnight.

  • Justsayin

    @captin hsight
    What was the point of that comment?? I agree with shake 100% cus for the past few years TDE haven’t let me down dropping quality albums back to back and for u to say “Q’s dope but u 2 always dickriding” only cus they’re speaking the truth.. So ur tryna say u like and support the artist but is mad at a site that also likes and support them? It just doesn’t make any since so imma have to vote “hater” on this 1 bruh

  • Lord Freiza

    That artwork look gay as shit like he’s getting sum of that thuggin luv gangstalicious style

  • gman

    my objective is killin these niggas biggy and pac throw day azz in a blenda sprinkle sum 50 and came out this nigga

  • Shy

    i CANT WAIT for this shit. that boy Q is an aggressive ass mufucker.
    LA >>>>>>>>


    that cover is on some gay faggot shit. dude with the ski mask is hiding that nigga’s adams apple. the word FUCK is tattooed on his shoulder which obviously means, this nigga schoolboy Q is rappin’ for that underground balloon knot circuit.


  • WuTang4Eva

    IDK about anyone else, but if you look at the hand of the PERSON in the ski mask, it looks like a girl to me. I ain’t never seen a dude with such feminine hands. Just sayin….

  • bzo

    its clearly a bitch with the ski mask on, look at the hand. probably asian or some shit haha. why the fuck would he put out a cover with a dude licking his face people? smh at all of you hahaha

  • school boy LS

    is it wrong that i only listen to school boy q out of black hippie??? i dont like the rest of them just not my type of music……… Q for mayor tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #HnC cant wait

  • wackness


    Yup, I caught that immediately. At first I was thinking why is that dude all up in ScHoolBoy’s face? Then rather than being an ignorant hater I took a closer look and saw it was clearly a females hand.

  • a

    cant wait for this. TDE (minus Jay Rock, sorry) have put out nothin but dope albums. Kendrick: Kendrick Lamar EP, OD, and Section 80 (Section 80 album of the year). ScHoolboy Q: Setbacks (still bump that on a regular) and Ab-Soul: Longterm Mentality 1 and 2 (altho i liked LTM 2 much better)

  • rell

    niggas needa hurry n drop this shit while a nigga still got a lil change on itunes blvd.

  • For real…

    For all you dumbasses who obviously never seen a laides face, look at her eyelashes/eyebrows. Smh. Too many dumbasses on here.

  • yeah

    The weakest in Black Hippy

  • School boy is that dude.


  • fivehead

    Q needs to put a hat on or something.. lol

  • tompetty

    that cover art is soo dope!!! props for being “edgy” bro bro.

  • wavvvvy

    Guy gonna take any shots or what? “The 10 Best Subliminals of 2011 (So Far)”

  • SChoolbooooooooooy! Yeeeeh!

  • JAyP

    these haters already knew it was a female just tryna find some shit to complain about if she wasnt wearing a ski mask they woulda fount some other problem with the cover

    shit atleast the cover is different MUCH RESPECT