• albeback

    Thank you Black Thought ... For ever bend of lyric you ever gave us!

  • TekZilla

    Seriously why doesnt Black Thought get more recognition for NEVER FALLING OFF. I swear the man has never kicked a wack bar.

  • Maga D

    I bet chall anything KRIT's gonna be a guest on Jimi Fallon this week to perform "Make My" with the Roots.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Doubt_It

    @MagaD i'll bet ya 100 dollars that Krit doesn't come to Fallon this week

    if he was gonna come it would probably have been yesterday (the day the album came out)

  • who cares

    I just listened to the album and, very dope. It was kinda short, but still dope nevertheless.
    @TekZilla co-sign. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person that has this dude in my top 10

  • JZA

    @who cares... I feel you, thought is about to crack my top 5

  • Thrill Murray

    Black Thought carries the same enthusiasm and passion with him on EVERY verse he has ever spit. In 15+ years of listening to them, I've never heard him spit a weak verse. Can't say that about anyone other than him. Black Thought is the #1 rapper ever IMO. His flow is sick, lyrics are untouchable. He can sing and writes nasty hooks. Dude and the whole Roots crew are LEGENDS

  • Spike

    Black Thought top 5 no question. That was an incredible performance, but where's Dice Raw? I think he killed that Tip the Scale chorus better than Bilal did. In fact Dice Raw came correct on all his spots on the album as usual.