Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa – OG f. Curren$y

blame it on Shake December 9, 2011

Fresh off promoting internet censorship, Wiz and Snoop enlist Spitta for the latest release from the upcoming Mac & Devin Go To High School OST, dropping December 13th (pre-order now).

DOWNLOAD: Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa – OG f. Curren$y

  • OB

    Yiiiiiiiis this is gonna get bumped in the vapor lounge, shout out to JBOB in this bioootch

  • chillin

    chill as hell

  • panoble

    from what I’ve heard, their album doesn’t sound half bad..granted I’ve been under the influence when I’ve heard each song for the first time but I think that’s expected haha

  • Rozko

    Wiz is gonna fall hard as hell if he just keeps making weed raps. Good or bad it gets repetitive as fuck.

    But wit dat said dis is koo….Curren$y killed it

  • NoName

    Ok it’s 2dope this goes but the hook is meh but guess it’s time to get Friday on this friday

  • KingGhost519

    I only clicked to listen to the beat. I can’t pass up a song produced by Al the Chemist.

  • wowdumbasfuck

    wow, way to go and spread fake rumors. NEITHER WIZ OR SNOOP ARE PERFORMING AT THAT SHIT. thats a fake news site. real professional fam.

  • J.VI

    Yeah the two biggest potheads are supporting the government…. I think not

  • Alchemist is to nice to be fucking with Snoop and Wizzzz…

  • breakingdawnpt1

    man the soundtrack is more hype than the movie, i don’t see the film ever coming out, and if it does its gonna be soooo bad, i cant picture wiz acting, and him and snoop deff don’t have the same chemistry as meth and red

  • popped condom


  • purpq

    ^^ exactly how did Wiz save Snoops career? Snoop is a SUPER Mega star…. always on the Forbes list.

  • kps

    This is what it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • McBain

    Wiz is whack as fuck. Always has been. Only makes nerds who smoke weed think they the shit cause they listen to rap.

  • booradley

    wiz is for that bro of a pot head. snoop should do us all a favor and retire.

  • What is snoop doing going to HS.

  • kd

    The album leaked. I’d said its pretty damn good, not mind-blowing..nobody was expecting that..but overall a chill, laid back, smokeout album. 7.5/10

  • ^^ agreed. just listened thru album. very laid back. i like ‘it could be easy’, ‘i get lifted’ and lets go study 7/10

    good album i just think the high school references get lame after a while

  • chef

    alchemist… nah bruh stick to your sound.

  • ssssssssh

    this is crack, but i liked wiz back when he made show and prove

  • Texas

    ^ thisssss its still a cool beat but not Alchemist sound at all !

  • RKB

    *skips to 3:17*

  • valenok

    Album leaked on

  • kushedout

    Best tracks on the album are this one, World Class, Let’s Go Study and Smokin On.. Album is better than I expected. Wiz carried Snoop tho

  • Protege

    found CDQ of Ease Your Pain (Her Lies)

  • is it?

    are you sure this is alc?

  • Pedro

    This has that How fly feel, I missed something like this !

  • trufisbak

    this ain’t no alchemist production…

  • brite

    Soundtrack is hot as fuck. Wiz totally on fire this year. Hooks so fly, verses on point. A spitta feature can never go badly too.

    Shit son, Rolling papers was ass, Cabin Fever was alright but this shit is what we’ve wanted since KxO. This is true Taylor gang shit.

  • james

    haha 2db trolling motherfuckres on that article!

  • Jana

    so repetitive..

  • Raymo

    What about How Fly 2 Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa???? 

  • kobe

    damnnn this isdobe

  • Yeah

    This isn’t Alcemist, he said it himself on twitter. Everyone should be able to hear that it’s not him.

  • @chevillistas

    “I did not produce some song called “OG” Snoop Dogg Wiz & Curren$y.” [email protected]

  • So I guess it’s appropriate that there are 420 “likes” on this. No one else thumbs up!

  • Yeah

    LOL Alchemist & Statik having fun with the Wikipedia page,
    Used to say NOT the Alchemist

  • Rico

    This is the Wiz I fuck with… And Spitta killed as usual

  • quas

    honestly been waiting this from wiz since kushxoj

  • google
  • Wiz is trash. I dont know what so sauctpcelar about him. A superstar supposed to be amazing, beyond ordinary. None of these niggas today is beyond ordinary. It’s no hate it’s just fact. What is he doing that has you eighty-fivers amazed.

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