WZRD (KiD CuDi x Dot Da Genius) – WZRD (Artwork)

blame it on Miss_Peas December 10, 2011

KiD CuDi displays visual wizardry for his upcoming highly anticipated album with producer, Dot Da Genius as they gear up for their collaborative effort called, WZRD.

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  • DB

    a little plain


    Hope to see a Ratatat or MGMT Feature

    Can’t Wait looks Dope

  • doc rovers

    kid cudi’s been puttin out mad boring music. cover fits it i guess

  • yuuurp

    Only “Wzrds” im looking forward to are John Wall and Jordan Crawford!!!

  • Shy

    hope the music is better than this bland ass “artwork”

  • Rec

    This is real weak.

    Surprising cause Cudi’s solo album art has always been handled really well.

    Looks like a design intern did this shit.

  • realtalk©

    It’s hardly visual wizardry but it’ll grow on me cause the album will be legendary

  • cri

    i dig it. simple, but bad ass.

  • Buckeyes

    People always looking for a reason to hate cudi, always have. lol oh welllllll.

  • casper wordsmith

    @Buckeyes: I’m not looking for a reason to hate cudi. Cudi is the reason to hate cudi.

  • O.

    i think it’s might to be simple. doesn’t look like they wanted to kanye the artwork.

  • Hans Gruber

    Rainbows? It’s really come to this?

  • Jaime Dominguez

    He’s bringing it BACK!!!

  • adonis

    I Can create a album cover for them way better then what is being released… i got a few designs that fit this album with depth. keeping it simple is not getting the full picture of the albums