Beatminer League: Blue Note pt. 1

Been in a Jazz mood today, so I decided to pull out a few Blue Note gems from my crates to share with the dopeboyz & girlz on this lazy Sunday afternoon / evening.

Charlie Hunter & Pound For Pound - Mystic Relaxation [Return of the Candyman]

Jimmy McGriff - Back On the Track [Electric Funk]

Sampled: O.C. - Ma Dukes | Walkin' Large - Reachin | Wise Intelligent - Steady Slangin

Jimmy McGriff - Dig On It [Soul Sugar]

Sampled: ATCQ - God Lives Through | Ice Cube - Man's Best Friend

Dr. Lonnie Smith - Spinning Wheel [Drives]

Sampled: Everybody In the 90s (Drum break and organ)

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  • skeme

    DOPE post

  • emac117

    very much needed justice. perfect for this study grind i'm on.

    p.s. The last link is broken and won't play/download

  • emac117

    scratch that, works fine

  • elWeaverdinchi

    needs Madlib Invades Blue Note - SHADES OF BLUE added to this list, very nice none the less

  • Thank Me

    Very dope post

  • hereatlast

    Another great Justice post. Reminded to keep following your blog.

  • if someone packaged these i would love them forever..

  • keep these kinda post coming

  • BeatMiner

    ATCQ also sampled Spinning Wheel for "Can I Kick It"


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