Meek Mill – House Party f. Young Chris (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas December 11, 2011

Directed by Dre Films.

Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill and Philadelphia’s own Young Chris team up for their latest visual creation off the Dreamchaser mixtape.

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  • dnice

    when that xxl freshman 2011 came out back in feb who would of thought meek would of been one of the biggest

  • Pauly D

    This played out a lot better in my head, tbh. But good vid.

    Meek is a great artist that gives off that raw feeling. 3rd verse on this, he sounds fuckin hungry.

  • kd


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  • PurpleLettuce

    lol he always sounds hungry. dunno if this is a good thing. dude’s never chill

  • this video is nice but we need a NSFW version this song just screams that i need some titties and ass out all over the place! Meek make that happen this video while nice doesn’t do this song justice #JustSayin

  • speezola


    you sound SO thirsty, fam. stop depending on rappers to get a look at t&a and go hit a strip club or something. lmao.

    ay, meek shoulda gotten a kid-n-play cameo in this one. they can’t be hard to find. doing the kickstep ain’t enough. ha. if there’s a remix video, throw the OGs/old heads in there, it’s only right…

  • good vid. hes smart for not making it all NSFW. this gonna get play everywhere.

  • jomoses

    I knew sooner or later some rap nigga would get those 2 twerk team chicks in a video.. the green pants one… Good GAWD, mayne.

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    And fuck brains 4 tellin u 2 comment like that.
    This is America nigga my president is black and my lambo is blue now get the fuck of this website and if I catch you in the streets I’m smackin the shit out yo ass

    S/O 2 speezola I wuz thinkin the same thing about the cameos and 4 checkin this fag

  • Mikeee !

    ^ Lol at the Boondocks reference.

  • tao

    lmao at lou williams wearing a lou williams shirt

  • Shabazz

    Was that the Twerk Team?

  • I thought Duval was gonna be like Chill in the video, get drunk, try to dance then pass out. or at least have him bump the table a few times… 7/10

  • Mike Tomlin

    Everyone was invited to the party except Wale?

  • Nice… and Meek used some old ‘Flamerz’ lyrics haHa.