Wais P – The Amphitheatre (prod. DJ Premier)

blame it on JES7 December 11, 2011

Wais spits flames over Premo’s Change which was previously featured on Preme’s Beats That Collected Dust v. 2. The song will be featured on a new Wais P mixtape, Premo Pimpin’ set to drop tomorrow. Peace to DPB.

DOWNLOAD: Wais P – The Amphitheatre (prod. DJ Premier)
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  • DBS

    Premo stays winning.

  • leutrim rexhaj

    premo’s beat is solid, but wais p is just plain mediocre, i mean there is a reason premo only works with underground nobodies, his sound just never flows with anything that would be on a mainstream album, theyre good, just too different, it was different 10 years, 15 years ago, but now its all different

  • Ama Hussla

    dunno why someone would pass on this stupid beat..I mean cmon put nas on it and we have a classic..
    it’s nice tho, I just feel like premier should’ve added some reverb on the guru cut, it would’ve sounded much doper imo.

  • SMH

    Wais P is probably one of the worst lyricist I’ve heard in a while. He ruined the track with Term and Statik when they did their 24hr album call Evening News. I remember watching the stream and seeing Wais lay his shit down and the whole room just felt and look odd and uncomfortable. I remember Statik asking him is that how you wanna leave it and Wais is all like” Hey man shits dope” and its something I could have wrote and spit. Dudes def getting WAAAAAAY more attention then he’s earned. Even on Statik newest album his part is horribly fucking awful I mean Statik had to even change the beat for it to work with the track. Wais P is pretty much bottom Tier when it comes to writing lyrics, hell even his delivery is high school’ish.

  • j

    i agree. Wais P is mediocre. This beat is pretty dope tho.

  • Melville

    @leutrim rexhaj
    Underground nobodies like Nas, Jay Z, Common, Game, Ludacris, Kanye, Alicia Keys, Snoop, Craig David and Christina Aguilera?

  • that beat is heat

  • smh sounds like a fag if u ask me

    smh sounds like a hater meanwhile wais p driving a bentley and got grammys on his wall….didnt u leave that comment the last time wais p posted a song…get off his shit….and wais verse on statik album was dope u buggin…

  • prk

    Wais P is saved by the amazing production of premo.

  • rt101

    it almost hurts my ears listening to this dude rap. but damn that instu is fire. anyone know where to find it??

  • rt101

    never mind its “change” off the Beats that collected dust