Curren$y – First Place f. Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy & Sir Michael Rocks (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas December 12, 2011

Directed by Trademark Da Skydiver.

Curren$y takes flight with a brand new music video (via twitter) featuring co-pilots Young Roddy, Trademark Da Skydiver and Sir Michael Rocks off the Jet World Order project. I sure do hope Young Roddy drops that mixtape in January like he said.

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  • Rozko

    Real niggas.

  • Gerald Moyo

    To The Next Life Gentlemen…

  • d easy

    is that young roddy?
    he looks like Kevin Durant

  • Davv

    Trademark and roddy mediocre At best & have no life in them or swag truth…. you Jet life yelling cum slaves know that’s a fact

  • NoName

    Ok this 2dope this a meek mills house party instead ha nah but this dope

  • brite

    0 Thumbs down. To be expected from Spitta.

  • thatrealshit

    never seen a vid with so much love w/o a thumbs down…and to the dude who doesnt like roddy git outttt, dude can spit he just doesnt hav enough of his own material out. not that big on trademark but its all love. #jetliiiiife foool

  • OO

    two thumbs up!

  • elloseventysix

    221 thumbs up, and only 8 comments? This is just an observation, but it seems to me that everyones just a dick rider! I’m willing to bet, that at least 30% of those thumbs up, didn’t even click play on the video. But it’s their civil-blogger-hipster duty, to click a thumbs up on any Currensy/Jets related post. LOL

  • jimmy

    ^ thats just you being a hater and notice gay shit like that

  • koonta

    roddy is a little ugly ass shrimp

    ……. but he can rap

  • grapedrank

    mikey rocks looks like will smith haha

  • Tiiz

    Roddy is to Curren$y is what Curren$y was to Wayne. Been saying that since 09.

  • dayday

    mikey’s verse sucked ass seriously

  • PRalines

    Shit, how old is roddy? i mean, dude looks like 16 in here

  • yeayea

    @tiiz u couldnt be more wrong… roddy is a ZERO w/o Curren$y ….Curren$y made it w/o wayne i.e. no limit…

  • Tiiz

    ^ What I meant was, if he quit tagging along and focused on his own shit he would be a lot bigger than he is. I’ll wait till his mixtape comes out to see if I can stand by that.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Anyone got a link to that shirt Spittas rocking in his verse? Or at least a brand?

  • Juelz

    ^^ it says BAPE big as f*ck on the back of the shirt sir

  • Wavy


  • TekZilla

    Why does everyone ask for links to clothes that artists wear in their videos? Am I the only one that sees the bitch mentality in that?

    Anyway.. This whole camp is excellent at picking beats but lets be honest, NOT ONE OF THESE NIGGAS CAN SPIT.

  • aHometownHero

    spitta & mikey can rip a verse, real shit. roddy is average. but none the less, you have to respect how trill this video is. just some dudes w/ ambition that made a way. now they in the pent house w/ drinks,weed, and hoes. how many of yall making moves like that?

  • TekZilla

    /\/\/\/\/\ This type of thinking needs to die out.

    Suites arent that expensive for one night, Plenty of normal people I know (myself included) smoke medical grade bud. Frontin ass broke niggas “pop bottles” every weekend at every bullshit club in the country. SO WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? Is that the pinnacle of life to you? Is that what makes someone “trill”? FUCKOUTTAHERE with that.

  • Killing it with that movement..

  • Jet World Order was GABAGE(NO typo),I respect the intent but this was short of the goal line by 88 yards…Spitta first underachievement so far,Verde Terrace and Covert Coup were homeruns and there is no hate whatsoever in this comment,I’m a Spitta fan but I can call it like I see it,it’s MY opinion after all

  • MDA33

    @ Tekzilla, Yea It’z Not The Pinnacle Of Life But u Can’t Tell Another Nigga Wha’s Wrong An Wha’s Right, Tha’s Sumthin That They Have 2 Figure Out 4 Themselves, If He Think It’z Trill Then It’z Trill 2 Him, The Point Ur Missing iz That “IT’Z BELIEVEABLE!”…….Curren$y’s Not Out Here Fronting With A Bunch Of Bulshit That He Knows He damm Well Can’t Afford Yet…….I Fuck With Curren$Y And I Respect The JetLife Movement!…

  • i agree Trade is hella average. and i believe Roddy is 19, he got next. He has some shit to say. Decent video looks like what I do with my homies haha

  • 666

    I bet Roddy’s like thirty-something..

  • aHometownHero

    @ Tekzilla..
    your absolutely correct, in my opinion, that its not the pinnacle of life, nor was that my statement. but be clear spitta didnt come into the game w/ music videos like this where he was in hotel suites. he was always honest. and that speaks to my point, spitta has worked hard to create the desired lifestyle for him and his crew….thats trill

  • A1

    People sayin JETS are wack………but OFWGKTA isnt better nor ASAP MOB .

  • AnT

    hook is ill. sir m’s verse was pretty trash.