• TekZilla


    (no further comments needed)

  • tompetty

    pimpin since pimpins been pimpin.

  • aggzworth

    But it really wasnt prouduced by premier...

  • London

    There are only 5 songs here. The rest are skits. I know it's a mixtape but put a little effort in man. Provide at least 10 full length songs for the people.

  • WHAT!


  • leutrim rexhaj

    good premo beats, but wais p just isnt good at all

  • Elekto


  • SMH

    Wais P is honestly bad at what he does. Wais is a horrible cross between E-40 and Crooked I or something. Terribly bad.

  • Truth

    If this didn't say Primo on it, it wouldn't have any thumbs up and it would have no comments. Wais getting play off a name not his abilities. Nigga is dead ass.

  • Krillz

    Wais P's dope... ya'll frontin. Would be nice if there were a few more tracks though.