Common – The Dreamer/The Believer (Album)

blame it on Meka December 14, 2011

Relax, we’re not that kind of website. The dopehouse has been given the go-ahead to premiere Common’s ninth studio release in its entirety a week before its official release (pre-orders are still available now). So sit back, relax and listen to Lonnie’s latest opus, on us.

  • fuck2dope

    how has Warner not shut yall down yet for giving away No York?

  • reddtddd

    does shake stalk piratebay
    new Common album and young jeezy album jus leaked

  • aggzworth



    somebody already had the jeezy leak yest thats why u saw indiviual tracks being sold on the blog market next day like clock work it gets leaked in excellent quality same circle of blog life

  • common

    AOTY quality… this shit is smooth as fuck, GOOD music yall

  • Thank Me

    Top 3 album of the year

  • lol @ yall thinking you got the premiere. it’s on youtube you fuckin’ marshmallow.

  • hardy

    Meka, Meka, Meka, Meka, Meka, Meka, Meka.

    Thanks sooooo much man.

  • nc

    Ghetto dreams, raw, so sweet, lovin i lost, stand out to me
    excited about this

  • J-Soul

    The Dope House is #WINNING!

  • lilkandy

    GOLD is my shit!!
    Cocaine 80s!!!

  • Oh4

    This is definitely along the lines of Analog | Division’s kind of production. Common needs to get at us on his next project. This whole shit sound dope. Will definitely cop this. AOTY maybe.

  • d33p

    Bad idea. People are just gonna rip and upload it. Common is one of the few rappers people should be supporting by buying the album.

  • hardy

    Even Yeezy’s album leaked. Buy it if you like it, like Drake said some weeks ago.

  • d33p

    @hatersauce This video is private. Dumbass. Only people with the link can check it out.

  • Mohammed

    @Thank Me: Yessir agreed.

  • Mohammed

    No ID put his foot down on this album. The production is AMAZING!!!

  • @2dopeboyz i murked myself. good on you fellas, keep swaggin on us shitty internet folk. still think yall are soft doe!!!!!

  • kamu


  • Welp the album leaked lmao

  • SupportHIPHOP

    The pre-order at is cheaper than iTunes and they give you a $1 credit.


  • Jason

    Hearing all these overly positive reviews makes me think Common has people in his camp posting good reviews. lol really, y’all? I don’t know. Every time I hear a Common album, I start getting the droopy eyes. Production by No ID is cool, though.

  • rez

    annoyingly average, commons lost his feel, really wanted this to be good

  • nobodyfamous

    Only cd i want right now

  • Lav

    Average? get ya ears fixed boi

  • kd

    TM103 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Masterpiece…. and btw – props for that deal!

  • Chitown

    I thought this was going to be a little better but it’s still good tho. Ima still buy it and support good music.

  • Bmore14

    COD MW3> The Dreamer. Bottom line.

  • ThaTruth

    Roots Undun > Common The Dreamer The Believer

  • hiphop

    damn surprised no one has posted the leak yet on here..

  • yep

    wow CD of the year after HOB

  • commonsense

    the common and jeezy albums are both up for download at thisisbuckwild

    very different albums and which one i like better depends on my mood

  • Juice

    Its funny how people talking about common being overhyped and this only being an average album like lil wayne, nicki minaj, drake, jay-z, mac miller, and all these other lames aint overhyped. Common been putting consistent music for years now he deserves the respect.

  • lilkandy

    WORD! Common gets no respect!

  • brite

    I’ve seen Hell on Wheels, Common deserves very little respect at this point.

  • Bmore14

    “Ain’t nobody better at this fuckin’ rhymin’ I swear
    Any second, any minute, any time of the year
    I remember when it was nothing but violence out here
    Now these faggots rappin’ like they fucking common out here”

    ^Vinnie said it best.

  • This music is so much bigger that me… man, COMMON always got it! This album sounds like another classic, masterpiece. I want it now! iTunes?

  • Debo

    lmao brite.

    Nothing you do in your whole life will deserve the respect compared to the respect Common deserves for this one single album.

  • twocents

    I’m on my second listen now. This album is incredible. This, Section 80, and XXX are 3 of the best hip hop albums to drop this year (im sure im missing more)

  • mo

    This may actually make me stop listening to BE

  • Jem

    Damn this is good

  • Soft and Wet

    ’bout time people started giving Common his dues.

    And for all you other people, just sit back and relax:
    “Common has teamed up with to present a special 24 hour first listen of his highly anticipated new album “The Dreamer / The Believer” produced entirely by No I.D.!”

  • Maga D

    I can’t even tell you how exited I am for this, I’m buying next week, but I gotta listen to it now, lol. Into track 1 & so far it’s great.

  • Soft and Wet

    Got damn, I love the sequence of the Intro to Ghetto Dreams

  • twocents

    I just wish John Legend wasn’t on that The Believer. He almost totally ruined that shit. Incredible song still.

  • J.T.

    I still plan on buying it. Im going to resist listening to it right now just so im shocked by the masterpiece next week.

  • Maga D

    Wow, Just finished it. Great album. & I’m not a John Legend fan, but He did his thang on it. No bad tracks imo, but Gold kinda skipped over my ears on the first listen because I was reading some other things. & “Windows” was great, wasn’t looking forward to “Pop’s rap/belief” tbh, but old man was good. lol. Yo, I only wish “So Sweet” had another verse, I’m picking it up in 6 days, everybody go cop it.

    One Day It’ll all make sense
    Electric Circus (can be switched with “One day”)
    Like Water for Chocolate

    I don’t wanna rank this one yet, & I haven’t heard the debut or his last two albums. I’m buying this one though, like I bought Be, one day, resurrection, & Electric Circus. Keep droppin heat Common, true fans’ll cop it.


    Coppin 2 copies.

    Support real music

  • Tamika

    I don’t wait for CD’s to come out but damn I been waiting on yours for the pass three years for a classic…. Thank you for this… REAL HIP/HOP!!!!!!


    whos the singer on “Gold”

  • sonofthechief

    man, 2011 was a great year for hip hop.. so many great albums, so many but Common comes through with the buzzer beater. this is definitely the best rap album this year..

  • jay

    this is beautiful real music common always comes through gives you 12 tracks of that rawness definitely might considered this as being my album of the year

  • jwiii

    Dope music. Common has yet to disappoint on an album even when he stretched beyond the boxes people put him in.

  • Soft and Wet

    @jwii Universal Mind Control :/

    And yeah, album of the year. Been saying it since the first couple of leeks. I wish Nas was on another track or two.

  • jusChris

    definitely copping this … already pre-ordered … hip hop’s alive and well in chicago!

  • LoveTheseBeats

    Love it!

  • Sharon Marshall

    I celebrate you as a man who dares to DREAM out aloud ~ A modern day Tribal Warrior
    Sharon Marshall ~ Queensland Australia

  • Nina jarta


  • cyddproject

    Section 80 : Best Mixtape of the year
    The Dreamer/The Believer : Best Album of the year


  • DJ Daz-One

    Who cares about Jeezy when you have this to listen to, Common did it again, Another Trip to the record store has been set in stone.

  • ventley

    Im not gonna judge you for what you like to listen to cuz its yor prefernce. this album right here is beautiful. im definitly coppin it when it come out. im really feelin that raw how you like it joint. no id is a monster and gives common that chicago poetic sound he famous for.

  • RoshaneRonan

    Well balanced album.

  • tpn72

    First of all this is a great album. Secondly I have a question that hopefully some one can answer. I was a little surprised in this day in age to see so little features, however after listening to this albums there are a couple of hooks notably gold and celebrate that common obviously didn’t sing. How come if a celebrity says 5 words on a track they get credit but when a singer for example on celebrate has a vocal solo basically and isnt included as a feature. I understand that they are probably mentioned in the credits but i dont get why joe smo is never included as a feature

  • Anybody know if there is deluxe version coming out??

  • tpn72

    and im not singling out common every one does it. I love the album I am at an awkward point in a break up after 3 years and i couldnt relate any more to the last verse of lovin i lost

  • DontWatchTheThrone

    I can listen to this 10 times in a row, unlike Niggas in Paris


    EASY TO LIKE “ITS HIP HOP” .. but damn why Drake PISS COM OFF ?? you shouldnt have done that young man .. lol

  • YeaISaidItYouPunkRockBitch

    The Roots – undun

    fuck you all

  • malcymalc

    good,solid album,its no BE, but i still support it,a few tracks were definite hammers though especially the one with john legend on it

  • gasoline

    5 mic album, profound, insipration, classic material..everyone who loves this album will buy regardless of the leak…

  • Frdrch

    A hip hop masterpiece!
    Thank you, Common and No I.D.!

  • marty mcfly

    Incredibly dope album !!!

  • paz
  • Spike

    This ain’t got shit on The Roots undun

  • gamja

    damn this is such a great album, gotta go get me this

  • jamga

    damn this is such a great album, ima rename this the great album ! YEAH BITCH I CAN DO THAT.

  • Jtron

    I dunno, something about Common always turned me off. It’s like viewing a painting that is so accurate it looks like a photograph. Perfect execution, but lacking personality somehow.

  • blowzun

    i think there often is too much noise in those no id beats…

  • I won’t go off and say this album is classic and a masterpiece but it is memorable and would revisit later. Just chill with those comments ppl. Jumping the gun and shit.

  • Kainlo

    common is just dope.. can’t name too many classics on here..
    …Walmart giving back after laying off over 50000 people.. $1000 giftcards – I grab 2 of Them..LOL

  • The Album was good, y’all overhypin’ it though.
    Undun is easily heads and shoulders above this album, can’t stop playing it. The LEGENDARY Roots crew!

  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    I love this album…i don’t wanna throw the word classic out….but….it comes to mind….it seems ppl want Undun to have the praise also…so imma peep dat after…Y’all CHILDREN haha

  • NYCityREP

    Great album. Deserves the praise but I wouldn’t call it a classic. I’m 2 listens in and the highlights in my opinion are “The Dreamer”, “Ghetto Dreams”, “Blue Sky”, “Gold”, “Cloth” & “The Believer”.

    Now I got to download this Roots album since I see some of y’all hyping it up.

  • Golden Bronzed Silver

    Section.80 – The Dreamer, The Believer – undun

    Top 3 hip hop albums this year, no order.

  • MoneyTrain

    It’s alright. IMO it will not overtake Undun as my album of the year.

  • London East

    A couple people on here acting like Lil Wayne fans n shit tryna troll like people DONT KNOW that the roots came harder than a nigga fucking Rihanna. Yes its a GREAT album but damn… This is a Common thread aint it? That being said this is album of the year for me. Undone is a close second, charity starts @ home in 3rd. 2011 has been the best year for hio-hop in a LOOOOOOOONG time. Only blemish is C4…

  • i think Warner Bros. finally gets it. They way theyve allowed Curren$y and Com to give a way free shit is commendable. This is classic 10/10

  • The singer on most of the tracks is James Fauntleroy. He’s a singer-songwriter that’s written a bunch of hit songs. He’s also worked with common and NO ID a lot (Cocaine 80s)

  • Corsico

    This album is bought w/o having to listen to it. It CAN’T be bad.

  • LadyDi

    Go Pops!!

  • kyrnan

    ‘celebrate’ is my jam.

  • dubl

    Easily album of the year….how people are even trying to say WTT OR TM103 is just idiotic

  • Gotz

    You Know I Was Down With Common Sense Since ’92 whe “Can I Borrow A Dollar” Came Out