Emilio Rojas - Blame Me f. Nikkiya

Breaking Point is also finally slated to drop sometime next month as well. The "third week of January," apparently...

DOWNLOAD: Emilio Rojas - Blame Me f. Nikkiya | Mediafire
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  • j

    damn. emilio has mainstream potential. this is smooth!!!

  • TuRnZ

    Different vibe from him but still really dope. Impressed with versatility.

  • JoJo

    I was not expecting this...but I fuck with it.

  • Conami


  • Frank

    Breaking point needs to fucking drop.

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    Every fucking rapper nowadays is a singer I swear. Everybody sound the same. Not hating just stating my opinion.

  • Wally Thrasher

    The Drake route

  • OPO

    This is really dope. Nothing wrong with him singing and expanding what he does.

  • bud bundy

    another drake dick rider...smh

  • ernest

    Because an artist sings it does not mean he is dick riding Drake. Does Drake own the right to sing? How about Emilio is a great artist who showed his versatility on this record and that should be applauded not attacked?

  • George

    I fuck with this joint heavy.

  • LADY V

    This nigga wack he got no style of his own

  • Toks

    No one is safe from this Drake singing shit. Your favorite rapper might start singing tomorrow. Emilio was all about dropping bars and now he's doing this corny shit. I hope this doesn't become more frequent.