Machine Gun Kelly – Invincible f. Ester Dean (prod. Alex Da Kid)

blame it on Miss_Peas December 17, 2011

Machine Gun Kelly bridges the gap of communication as he merges with HTC in their most recent commercial. Today, he lets loose the full version of the song.

DOWNLOAD: Machine Gun Kelly – Invincible f. Ester Dean (prod. Alex Da Kid) | Mediafire
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  • doc rovers

    much better than the waka song. this is legit

  • Uncle Phil

    V-Nasty on life support>>>>>>MGK

  • PaperKut

    Alex Da Kid is wack as fuck. Get some credibility son.

  • jdz

    That had potential with the hook and beat, but he ruined it trying to rap fast.

    MGK is still whack as fuck

  • slumerican

    the only reason why MGK got signed is because of persistence and hard work…other then that MGK would be another average Joe sucking dick for crack

  • Randy

    ^ isnt that why everyone succeeds? hard work and persistence? how you gonna try and make it sound like a bad thing? lol what was your point in saying that?

  • me

    I was like “damn this is good” …then MGK started rapping..

  • JD

    anyone think this sounds a little like i need a doctor. mgk is dope i fuck with this.

  • Randy

    no offense but this sounds like almost every other song alex da kid has produced

  • Detroit89

    the thing that i dont like about this dude is that he comes off very arrogant, cocky, and stupid.

  • dboss

    Corniest dude to touch a mic in a while!

  • who cares

    C-c-c-c-cornball!! No one likes this faggot besides suburban kids tryna act hard

  • yourekiddingmeirght?

    This song had so much potential, from the beat to the hook but then MGK came on with the “verses” and literally killed the song…


    kids a bitch

  • unclesam

    Man how did I know that the song would sound JUST as it did? Whackass trash, and it´s not because of MGK, it´s because of the whack ass beat and the fact that the singer didn´t add shit to this.

  • oiboy

    i like this but it does sound a lot like love the way you lie

  • Mikael

    I’ll be damned if Alex Da Kid is the most repetitive beatmaker right now. A pop hook, some inspirational-sounding basic piano chords, sprinkled synth sounds, simple drums.

  • Mikael


  • Pauly D

    Yela would destroy this kid.

  • I swear Mac Miller turns into MGK on weekends…

  • This sounds lke a replica of I NEED A DOCTOR, except with Ester Dean. I swear the only reason MGK is still relevant is cause Diddy and his marketing team. Dude is wack.

  • RSX

    Hook fucks it up, Ester Dean is not good.

  • yesyesyall

    This sounds pretty similar to “I Need A Doctor”,”Love The Way You Lie”, and even “Airplanes”. Alex Da Kid is basically remaking the same record over and over again haha.

  • SkeRt

    Someone needs to take MGK from the hook and beat and this would be dope..we get it Machine Gun Kelly was a person (youre not him)

  • TrillWill

    Damn what the f*** song did you all listen to? Dope track, mix is a little muddy, but I’ll be listening. Just because a song sounds like something that people might actually want to hear outside of a trap doesn’t mean it sucks. Jealous-ass MF’s — there’s a reason this kid got signed out of a basement and y’all still doen there typing sh*t.

  • S&F

    Dude sucks yelas better, next post