• doc rovers

    much better than the waka song. this is legit

  • Uncle Phil

    V-Nasty on life support>>>>>>MGK

  • PaperKut

    Alex Da Kid is wack as fuck. Get some credibility son.

  • jdz

    That had potential with the hook and beat, but he ruined it trying to rap fast.

    MGK is still whack as fuck

  • slumerican

    the only reason why MGK got signed is because of persistence and hard work...other then that MGK would be another average Joe sucking dick for crack

  • Randy

    ^ isnt that why everyone succeeds? hard work and persistence? how you gonna try and make it sound like a bad thing? lol what was your point in saying that?

  • me

    I was like "damn this is good" ...then MGK started rapping..

  • JD

    anyone think this sounds a little like i need a doctor. mgk is dope i fuck with this.

  • Randy

    no offense but this sounds like almost every other song alex da kid has produced

  • Detroit89

    the thing that i dont like about this dude is that he comes off very arrogant, cocky, and stupid.

  • dboss

    Corniest dude to touch a mic in a while!

  • who cares

    C-c-c-c-cornball!! No one likes this faggot besides suburban kids tryna act hard

  • yourekiddingmeirght?

    This song had so much potential, from the beat to the hook but then MGK came on with the "verses" and literally killed the song...


    kids a bitch

  • unclesam

    Man how did I know that the song would sound JUST as it did? Whackass trash, and it´s not because of MGK, it´s because of the whack ass beat and the fact that the singer didn´t add shit to this.

  • oiboy

    i like this but it does sound a lot like love the way you lie

  • Mikael

    I'll be damned if Alex Da Kid is the most repetitive beatmaker right now. A pop hook, some inspirational-sounding basic piano chords, sprinkled synth sounds, simple drums.

  • Mikael


  • Pauly D

    Yela would destroy this kid.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/DwapDwapPow DwapDwapPow

    I swear Mac Miller turns into MGK on weekends...

  • http://super-maui.com MAUI

    This sounds lke a replica of I NEED A DOCTOR, except with Ester Dean. I swear the only reason MGK is still relevant is cause Diddy and his marketing team. Dude is wack.

  • RSX

    Hook fucks it up, Ester Dean is not good.

  • yesyesyall

    This sounds pretty similar to "I Need A Doctor","Love The Way You Lie", and even "Airplanes". Alex Da Kid is basically remaking the same record over and over again haha.

  • SkeRt

    Someone needs to take MGK from the hook and beat and this would be dope..we get it Machine Gun Kelly was a person (youre not him)

  • TrillWill

    Damn what the f*** song did you all listen to? Dope track, mix is a little muddy, but I'll be listening. Just because a song sounds like something that people might actually want to hear outside of a trap doesn't mean it sucks. Jealous-ass MF's -- there's a reason this kid got signed out of a basement and y'all still doen there typing sh*t.


    Dude sucks yelas better, next post