Summer Leather Vest (Joe Budden x Emanny) – What Yo Name Is

blame it on Miss_Peas December 17, 2011

Joe Budden seeks to enchant willing listeners with his newest group, Summer Leather Vest featuring vocalist Emanny.

DOWNLOAD: Summer Leather Vest (Joe Budden x Emanny) – What Yo Name Is | Mediafire
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  • SMH

    Biting Drake’s style? Seriously, Joe?

  • tompetty

    gayest name ever. might as well call it “assless leather chaps.”

  • D

    This one is meh. Budden going hard for the ladies recently. Prefer when he’s exposing bitches for being the toilets they actually are. AH WELL!

  • @SMH, know your history buddy, Joe’s been doing this waaaay before anyone knew who Drake was. listen to Joe’s old shit and youll see that Drake is biting Joe with the ladies approach AND emo approach. dont be ignorant.

  • reel talk

    @ Dino

    I’ve been a Joey fan for years, got all his shit, but he’s biting Drake on this one. Sure, he was talking about bitches before Drake – cuz he was in the game earlier, but ay – but he’s doing the same things with his voice and cadence as Drake, and even biting the flow. This shit is biting Drake, no matter how much of a Joe Budden fan you are

  • realtalk©

    yall do know theyre just doing this for fun right? nothing serious..

  • what realtalk© said.

  • prk

    This shit has to be the one the funniest things in a long time. Joey be that nigga.

  • DCtree

    Yall do know that Buddens is doin this as a joke right…but the shit lowkey bang tho lol

  • Mitchell

    they just do this shit to amuse themselves, its not suppose to be taken seriously, he’s not dropping an album like this or nothin, just some random shit to give away on twitter….. I liked Unison actually, this is kinda corny tho……Give us an update on Feature Presentation already dope boyz!!

  • EC

    Am I tripping or is it already a song called what yo name is?

  • ahah

    this shit is a big joke
    this shit is crack

  • music

    nall you aint tripping…kirko bangz got a song witht he same title

  • AJ

    this nigga is the biggest drake stan. today i’m embarrassed to be a budden listner. can’t believe he bit drake this hard. this is what separates the greats from the bandwagoners struggling for relevance. this nigga just ethered himself. this is worse than that lil wayne biter. lost all my respect for budden with this one. its like he woke up and forgot who he was. he may as well have said “im not joe budden anymore, i want to be drake” NOBODY can defend this. NOBODY. the most revealing shit is that his stans will STILL cosign this fuckery. im so embarrassed

  • Randy

    @dino… nigga you are reaching so hard. im tired of stans claiming he was doing this shit this day one. he is CLEARLY biting drake here…. you cant talk your way out of this shit, nigga. he stole everything drake does on this… and you still got the nerve to try and say he been doing this since day one? nigga fuck off…. i been listening to budden since day 1 and he NEVER did this shit! This had Drake all over it. Stop frontin nigga… seriously.. your man straighting biting.

    and why niggas always say “they just having fun” when they can’t defend what a nigga doing? this nigga is a musician and he biting another musician trying to pass it off as his original work. get a fucking grip

  • whocares

    joebuddentv is down wtf?

  • Bishopofoctocon

    damn you stans will make an excuse for anything. this nigga could murder you moms and you’d say “she probably threatened him…. he been a murderer since day one so its all good”. joe budden fans WACK. co-signing biting. your man’s is on drakes dick and you’re in denial about it.

  • zom

    – AJ
    – Randy
    – Bishopofoctocon

    Definitely the same person haha.

    Just sayin. And don’t think I’m defending Buddens here; I’m not, and I certainly don’t fux with this song

  • Kyle B0003

    this is why you dont take advice from nigga’s with failed solo careers. they have to sense of artistry and usually just following what other niggas are doing. this shit is so random its kind of embarrassing how he trying to be another nigga just out of no where. we all know who you biting nigga. this wont make you a better artist. epic fail

  • AryGregfo042pik0092n

    this song only makes sense if this group is a drake fanclub.

  • People on here be really serious, like hair pulling serious. Whether it’s a joke or serious it’s hilarious and hot all at the same time. Relax niggas, it ain’t that serious.


  • Frank

    Drake wannabe. Do anyone make real shit anymore?

  • AnonymouslyHood

    Y’all are ignorant listeners if y’all think he’s bitting drake. Okay he’s a drake fan anyone knows that but budden has been into r&b before anything if you listen to his old stuff and now he’s not changing up much if you think about it he’s getting his point across wether it’s to the ladies or fans y’all are still listening no matter what so stop bitching about drake and shit he’s just having fun and he’s not doing this as a joke you stupid fucks..

  • Bigga


  • yo

    Joe Budden himself said that anything under SLV was just a bunch of people playing around in the studio, making songs with no real direction. An experiment if you will, much in the same vein of Cocaine 80’s.

  • Greg Focker

    I dont think this isnt about him liking rnb. its about the fact that he is biting drake pretty hardbody.I like joey but I cant even pretend to defend this. I cant just cosign everything homie does just cause i like him. im not a yes man and i appreciate the originality of art. this sounds sounds desperate. if this was j.cole biting drake the same people would really let him have it. but since its your boy you feel obligated to justiy it.

    Im not mad. Joey never found himself as a mainstrem artist so he just dickriding the bigger homies.

  • Pauly D

    So because he’s using a slow paced beat and is actually singing means he’s biting Drake?

    I guess Smooth B was biting Drake too? :D

    This stannery is getting out of hand…

  • Cage

    ^^ Exactly… Drake didnt originate shit, so how could someone bite? Doesnt even matter, the hip hop game is in the hole anyways

  • Ya’ll people taking this shit way too serious…beefing on the internet about some shit thats pure for entertainement.. headshottttt..Drake doing his thing making great music, budden been doing that for years too.. both enjoying making music.. the fuck yall talking bout whos biting who..

  • careless

    y’all are fucking stupid if you think this is serious…joey’s been clowning about this “summer leather vest” shit for a long time now…this is just straight jokes

  • fuckoff

    man joe buddem stans are the worst in hip hop..yall would talk a dick for this dude if you could

  • KickItReal

    Yall young muhfuckas are so caught up in who people sound like talking about Joey sounds like Drake and this that and the other the bottom line Is, IS THE SONG HOT OR IS IT WACK? In my OPIONION and thats what all your comments are, are opinions, is that the song is hard as fuck. Drake isn’t a real singer and neither is Joe so their range is automatically gonna be the same you dumb fucks. Drake has a dainty voice so he can reach a tad few higher notes but thats about it. No Drake songs ever have this much complexity harmony wise. PERIOD. Find one and prove me wrong

  • KickItReal

    Drake wasn’t the first EMCEE to SING in hiphop either so stop dickriding. Joe off rip said this shits a joke experiment. The songs still are coming out hot so dwell on the fact that its good music and not who he sounds like or what the song is titled. You fuckers are fickle as hell.

  • reel talk

    It’s not that Joe is trying to sound like Drake because he’s singing. He’s singing with the same pitch, same flow (holding that “oh” and shit after certain lines), same kinda beat, and isn’t bringing anything good to it. If this is for fun, what’s the joke? What’s the purpose of putting this out? It’s not funny, nor is it a listenable song. This shit is fuckin trash, in and out, and you niggas are acting like it’s excusable. Whatever excuse you use (either that he’s joking or he’s been doing “this kind of thing for years” – even though NONE of his old shit sounds like THIS, which sounds exactly like a fuckin Drake song no matter how you slice it) just deads your own shit. Fuck outta here

  • Randy Fred Savage

    cosign real talk

    No matter how you guys try to excuse this this sounds like joey is trying to be drake. not because he’s singing.not because of the beat. not because he’s light skinned or any deliberate misinterpretation of what people are saying yall try to put out there. and no he hasnt been doing this for years. foh. this has drake all over it. its just so blatant. and that’s whack especially from a guy whose been in the game for 10 years and should have figured hisself out by now instead of still biting and stealing flows. y’all cant put a spin on that. and no rapper puts out a song as a “joke”. im tired of stans excusing wackness and biting by labelling it as some kind of inside joke that nobody even gets or can explain. nobody artist that unless its an actual parody. i heard stans say the same thing about 50 when he was putting out hella wack material a while back. “he’s doing it on purpose, he making fun of the rap game”. stop tryingto create a deeper meaning behind plain wackness where there is none. you have no idea how stupid it sounds. no artist who takes their craft seriously puts out wackness and biting deliberately for their fan’s enjoyment. stop reaching. let your man know he fucking up so he doest do it again. stop oosign and dickriding everything. thats why he never blew up. he got no constructive criticism. musicians needs honest fans, not blind dickriders.