B.o.B – Never Lost f. Coldplay & T.I. (prod. J.R. Rotem)

blame it on JES7 December 18, 2011

Here’s a previously unreleased cut by Bobby & Clifford, courtesy of YouHeardThatNew.

DOWNLOAD: B.o.B – Never Lost f. Coldplay & T.I. (prod. J.R. Rotem)

  • illadelph

    ive had this for like 2 years

  • This is old, only B.o.B. originally sang the chorus. It came out right before Bobby’s album dropped. I think I like the old version better.

  • shnitzle

    ^^^^^^ i doubt it phaggot

  • BC

    wasn’t this on the no genre mixtape??

  • Protege


  • nahright

    finally found CDQ version of Ease Your Pain (Her Lies)

  • LexiCon

    1) it’s on the No Genre mixtape. 2) B.o.B. sang the chorus in the original. 3) this is not Coldplay in the chorus 4) this version sucks!

  • BP

    co sign ^^^^

  • suuuuuper old.

  • THale

    Coldplay on the hook is 100 times better…. go fuck yourselves

  • 1

    old ass ninja

  • illadelph

    @shnitzle get that dick off your head

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I like BoB but not really sold on him as a artists yet. I def feel he has potential. However, Coldplay on this hook is horribleeeeeee! Can’t you hear how off key the hook is? So yes BoB on the hook was 10 times over better. It’s not even debatable or comparable.
    Btw 2Dopeboyz did have this song when it originally came out. I remember because I originally heard it from here:
    Not Lost (Prod. by J.R. Rotem) – B.o.B. feat. T.I. –

  • The JET

    Yeah LexiCon said it all…

  • diesel

    yeah, fuck you JES. you bring nothing to this website. your opinions are worthless and you post shit like this that we’ve already had for years

  • wackness

    @diesel that better be sarcasm.

    JES brings dope music back all the time.

  • Bob

    Yes course its old you dumbos… its only here because of the new coldplay chorus.. nobody said it was exclusive or anything jeez… fucking pay attention you air heads

  • bass

    This is definitely not Chris Martin on the hook. Has no one else ever heard the original Coldplay track?

  • Joe Budden did this song better.

  • john

    I’m GAY!