• cse420

    sha is one of the best ALLTIME!!!

  • Scoops

    this tracks all around dope!!

  • Wack

    Oh shit this nigga got a Craig G AND a Sadat X feature! Shit that's so tight in 2011!


  • Red

    Def a bamger!!

  • http://twitter.com/BreAraujo Brenda A.

    Sadat X is classic! I <3 this song

  • http://illgraphic.com illgraphic

    This joint is dope! This whole album bumps!

  • keen

    lovin this shiiiit

  • Marko

    this joint bangs, 3 dope MC's and a dope beat

  • mz

    got this album the day it dropped! cant waitfor the next project. def oneofthe best albums ive heard this whole year!!

  • dirtydan

    sha got this easy!