Asher Roth – Pabst & Jazz (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka December 20, 2011

Hm, and I thought Asher’s latest tape would have been for purchase. Anyways, after a brief hiatus hiatus returns with a new mixtape, featuring the likes of Chuck Inglish, Pac Div, Action Bronson, THURZ, Blu and many more. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Pabst and Jazz f. Hassani Kwess; Kenny Keys (prod. Blended Babies)
2. Choices f. Action Bronson (prod. Blended Babies)
3. In The Kitchen (prod. Chuck Inglish)
4. Useless f. Pac Div (prod. Blended Babies)
5. More Cowbell (prod. Blended Babies)
6. Bastermating (f. A$AP Twelvy, Chip Tha Ripper & YP (prod. Blended Babies & Chuck Inglish])
7. Common Knowledge (prod. Blended Babies)
8. Golden Midas f. Boldy James, Nico Segal & Greg Landfair Jr. of Kids These Days (prod. Blended Babies)
9. Insurance f. ZZ Ward, Rockie Fresh & Blu (prod. Blended Babies)
10. Hard Times f. Kids These Days & Casey Veggies (prod. Blended Babies)
11. Ampersand (prod. Blended Babies)
12. Get By f. Nico Segal of Kids These Days (prod. Blended Babies)
13. Not Meant 2 Be f. Nathan Santos (prod. Blended Babies)
14. Running Away f. Nathan Santos (prod. Blended Babies)
15. Charlie Chaplin f. Phil Ade’, GLC & THURZ (prod. Blended Babies)
16. Dope Shit (prod. 1500 or Nothin’)

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – Pabst & Jazz (Mixtape)

  • Wade

    How is this shit?

  • 2ndera

    @ DOPE…nuff said

  • 2ndera

    @ wade, in a word, DOPE…nuff said

  • RU210

    This shit is dope, but it’s probably gonna get overlooked…

  • mark

    Does this mix tape solidify Asher as the top white rapper in the game?

  • Steve-Odoggyoudidit

    Blended Babies is a production duo of Don Cannon & Chuck Inglish right?

  • Really


    Definitely not as long as Action Bronson and Slug are still running around. Asher Roth and Eminem are competing against each other for the “White Rapper Who Can String the Most Over-Enunciated Rhymes Together Consecutively Whether They Make Any Sense or Not” award.

    Having said that, this tape is still a big step up for him.

  • Uncle ruckus

    Maybe not Top haha, but it’s cool that he’s showing progression and slowly building momentum for his next LP. Im still playing Rawth Ep

  • JAD534

    Dopeness as usual from Mr. Roth. Great mixtape!

  • kayo

    Smoooooth.. asher on some shit now

  • Johnny Blaze

    Who is the Blended Babies Again?? Chuck English and…?

  • cmonson

    na blended babies aint include chuck or don cannon. its 2 white dudes. theyre dope tho.

  • Nuff

    SWAG! Tony Yayo & Lil Wayne are Blended Babies.

  • Three D

    Shit, I’ve got 7 out of 16 of these tracks already. Still a dope tape. Asher doesn’t need a title as the best white rapper in the game. People just need to set aside color and back ground and look at an artists ability. I’ll never go as far as saying someone is THE best. Talented yes. More talented than most? Absolutely. Anyone who doesn’t see that is just a hater and needs to pull their head out of their ass. Asher is poised to be included in the books as one of the G.O.A.T.s. Nuff said…

  • factormax

    damn! like all my favorite rappers! sick features on this tape..

  • Toby

    Amen this >MIXTAPE< is free, as it was marketed as something for the people to persuade them to buy the album, which I will. Asher was one of my favorite rappers but hasn't had much out recently, but I bumped that Seared Foie tape forever, the leaks have been nice off this, hoping it's as dope as they are.

  • xastey

    Asher Roth tapes are always nice.. just hope he can delivery on this next album.

    btw.. what ever happen to that kids these days lp/tape/ep that was suppose to drop a few months back?

  • dannym254

    i liked asher’s first tapes since greenhouse effect but i am glad his new material isn’t the same as that

  • marco


  • Cult

    Action Bronson is not better than AsherRoth…..

  • Danny

    Mixtape of the year

  • JSwish

    @Three D, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve liked Asher ever since The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 1. Yes, I agree branding himself with “I Love College” as his first ever single was definitely not the brightest idea. But regardless, Asleep in the Bread Aisle definitely had some classics on it in my opinion. Ever since, Asher has been keeping it real and making dope music. He’s def in my top 10 I would have to say. Respect.

  • Pugz

    One of the best tapes all year.

  • Thinker

    DAMN! this tape is TOO ILLLLLLL! anybody wondering whther to dl or not, ima let u know right now that this project is consistent from start to end! hope the selling product will be as good as this cuz ima definitley be looking out for the purchase! GOOD SHIT ASHER!

  • marswhitemon

    i need to know these samples, i heard some big l and biggie?
    but mostly for ‘insurance’ and ‘hard times’ feel really heavily sampled. especially the hook on insurance and the ‘my mother always told me never to tell my dirty old lies, never told me to sell just to get by’ sounding like samples but i’m finding nothing

  • yup

    asher roth is so underrated, its crazy. his lyrical skills are nuts and you can tell it just comes so natural to him

  • Duhmfounded

    Wasnt that just s single? I thought it was, i saw a single of that on YouTube

  • Duhmfounded

    This IS Probably the mixtape of the year.

  • ummm this mixtape is making my christmas good

  • JAD534

    Mixtape of the year. Hands down.

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