Omen - Forever (Video)

Directed by Impakt Studio.

Before I kill myself with this Insanity, it's (2)dope premiere time. New video off Omen's incredibly dope Afraid of Heights project.

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  • Hump Jones


  • dg

    boring. nothing new to the table. mediocre.

  • Freezy


  • BigChauli

    ^^ you obviously havent heard his mixtape

  • MalcolmX2Pac

    He produced the project in its entirety... thats something new to the table stupid

  • MalcolmX2Pac

    He produced the full project... thats something new to the table stupid

  • dg

    that doesnt prove anything. many ppl produce and rap. majority are mediocre. heard the full tape and theres nothing new, only his new camp that he's apart of.

  • nicole

    Awesome video...great. Omen is a very, very talented musician. My rapper at this point!

  • nicole

    favorite rapper at this point****

  • BigChauli

    dg if you dont like him why comment? just keep it moving dude smh


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