Rochelle Jordan – Here I Go

blame it on Shake December 20, 2011

The T-Dot songstress is blessing us with the follow up to her debut album with R O J O I I dropping in March. No complaints here!

DOWNLOAD: Rochelle Jordan – Here I Go

  • The Homie

    I like this chick she got that old school vibe to her which the RnB game really needs at the moment .

  • NightCape

    Mannnn… EVERY TIME. Her vocals and arrangements are crazy!

  • theflysinceforever

    as always.. no words for this one.. fucking ill.. who did the production it sounds different from her other stuff but i still fuck with it.. on repeat. MORE.

  • theflysinceforever

    @thehomie nothing about this sounds old me idk what people are hearing but she sounds like nothing ive heard before imo.. old school is R Kelly.. or SWV.. or like Aaliyah or something..this is something else

  • Omar11

    I kept asking myself why she isnt signed yet????.. Hearing this song made me realize its probably because they know they cant cage a beast. real shit

  • say whaaat

    Once again, she’s dropped a hot track & shutting shit down. Man Rochelle ain’t playing. This wasn’t produced by KLSH though (the guy who produces the majority of her stuff) Some guy name “Busy” produced this. The shit still bangs! I hate ROJO II is coming out in March. LOL I thought it was @ least gonna be Feb. But I understand she’s still working on it!

  • Lewnilli

    Man, RoJo is simply amazing. What else can I say? Oh yeah, it doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely gorgeous either…

  • Jerry

    are yall being serious or are you just this girl’s friends gassing her up. the over reactions dont match the music. this is average at best. cut it out. i wouldnt be so blunt if you guys werent dickriding

  • QK

    maybe if you heard the other music you would understand why people really enjoy her music. fool