Who is The Black Opera?

A question many dopeboyz/girlz have been asking since we first showcased their music at the dopehouse. And while many questions are answered in the above "EnterView", that is not one of them haha. However, the time is coming. And until then, let the music speak for itself and grab their latest album EnterMission right now via iTunes/Amazon.

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  • KillaK

    girl is annoying. TBO goes hard as hell though...

  • KarmaLoop

    Extremely Dope!! Great combination of ART and MUSIC. I'm impressed with how much effort they put into they're music and videos. Brilliant.

  • Thinker

    did the guy above really just say TBO? i hope it wasnt supposed to be the acronym for TO BE HONEST

  • http://chipsonsandwiches.com doxnessmonster

    ...qmajestik legend and ??...

  • Juicyfruit


  • http://BUNTABLUE(DOT)ORG Bunta

    TBO...The Black Opera.............................

  • BushBabee

    POWER. The Black Op Era!

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Dee-1 - "Miles Davis"

"How much is my sanity worth?"

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