Danny! – Payback f. iLLmont

blame it on Meka December 21, 2011

And just like that, Danny! pops right back up again, this time with the title track to his upcoming project. “Now you see me, now you don’t” lookin’ ass ninja. Jokes, of course. Payback is coming soon.

DOWNLOAD: Danny! – Payback f. iLLmont | Mediafire
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  • justin herschel

    one of the best rapper/producer’s in music period (fuck genres!!!!!!) Can’t wait for the new album and big Up to Interscope 4 signing him finally!!!!!!!!

  • Word the fuck up!!! Shouts out to D. Swain! And the I double L

  • Dontrell Williams

    WOW! THIS THAT REAL SHIT OMG… def. wanna see more of these iLLmont cats!

  • CLDV

    this is great yo!!!!!!!!

  • OccupyAGun

    fuck. this is great. OH FUCK THIS IS GREAT

  • Duke


  • Gale

    Aye, those iLLmont cats got a tumblr, check it out.

  • swag

    the people commenting are def members of iLLmont. yall aint slick at all. dope song tho

  • Allah

    These iLLmont boys are something special. And Mr. Swain still doing it. Amen.

  • factormax

    danny just raps bullshit. he doesn’t even make sense. “smoking sour diesel with evil kinevil watching leave it to beaver re runs with 23 nuns.” cmon now…

  • Chaz

    Illmont in this bitch!!!

  • perolethat

    dudes actually always around if your looking for him… always

  • Crack

    ILLMont killin sh*t!

  • Puddlez

    Yo. This happened.

  • TMNT


  • Ray

    pretty dope