• justin herschel

    one of the best rapper/producer's in music period (fuck genres!!!!!!) Can't wait for the new album and big Up to Interscope 4 signing him finally!!!!!!!!

  • http://Powlphotography.com Powl Abraham

    Word the fuck up!!! Shouts out to D. Swain! And the I double L

  • Dontrell Williams

    WOW! THIS THAT REAL SHIT OMG... def. wanna see more of these iLLmont cats!

  • CLDV

    this is great yo!!!!!!!!

  • OccupyAGun

    fuck. this is great. OH FUCK THIS IS GREAT

  • Duke


  • Gale

    Aye, those iLLmont cats got a tumblr, check it out.

  • swag

    the people commenting are def members of iLLmont. yall aint slick at all. dope song tho

  • Allah

    These iLLmont boys are something special. And Mr. Swain still doing it. Amen.

  • factormax

    danny just raps bullshit. he doesn't even make sense. "smoking sour diesel with evil kinevil watching leave it to beaver re runs with 23 nuns." cmon now...

  • Chaz

    Illmont in this bitch!!!

  • perolethat

    dudes actually always around if your looking for him... always

  • Crack

    ILLMont killin sh*t!

  • Puddlez

    Yo. This happened.

  • TMNT


  • Ray

    pretty dope