B.o.B - Play The Guitar f. Andre 3000 [Snippet]

How many guest appearances has 3 Stacks made this year? Wouldn't that be, you know, enough motivation to head back into the studio for a full-length any time soon? Anyways, he links up with B.o.B - and artist he's clearly had an influence on - for this track off Bobby Ray's 2012 release Strange Clouds. SHAKE EDIT: Look for the full version to hit Amazon on the 27th.

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  • Bradster

    I can't wait to hear this

  • Pauly D

    Sounds dope.

  • damn.

    i hate these rappers with guitars. we all know they cant play a damn note on that instrument. stop with the rocker pop shit.

  • Pauly D

    But B.o.B can actually play multiple instruments, as well as produce...soooo...

  • Bill Nye

    Idk... I'll always take some new Dre3k (and has anybody else noticed he's actually been active this year?), but BoB has been annoying the shit out of me lately.

  • http://super-maui.com MAUI

    The ONLY REASON this is ok, is because of 3K... and I didn't even hear one word from him in this.

  • Thinker

    @MAUI aaaand THATS why your opinion doesnt matter when it comes to judging a 30 second SNIPPET.

  • TheThought

    lol @ Damn. Have you seen B.O.B before ? He's very talented. He can jam out on the guitar and the piano.


  • nope

    ouuuuuw I hoped for a nice Bobby Ray Beat with some acoustic guitar and than this that sounds shitty like dis shit with this martian weezy -.- IM SO DISAPPOINTED

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    Andre is going to kill this shit, long time coming for this record, B.O.B deserves it

  • 1dopeboy

    wtf is this shit
    You'd think they'd play the guitar on a track called "play the guitar"
    I was hoping for a combo of B.o.B/Bobby Ray and Atliens Andre 3k/TBL Andre 3k
    I've been hoping for a collab from these two ever since that track on Cloud 9 where B.o.B rapped over Hey Ya, but this seems like a huge disappointment

  • DJ Lanky White

    it's shameful that i am the first person to comment/notice that this samples "Bo Diddley" by the artist of the same name. know your music history, kids

  • http://soundcloud.com/o_b_d OBD

    @DJ Lanky White: Fuckin' For Real Man!!! PPL forgetting to Do The Knowledge,,, http://soundcloud.com/o_b_d/all_together-1


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