Joe Cool – October Afternoon (Video)

blame it on Shake December 22, 2011

I’ve been meaning to shed some light on Joe Cool ever since I saw the cover art to his Do It 2 Me single, but always get sidetracked. Either way, the Louisiana native just dropped his latest video so why not start now? Thoughts?

  • Worst rap name ever lol. He should do a mixtape with..

    Kirko Bangz, John Depp, and Forever Celeb lmao

  • SwaggerStee

    This shit is that chill shit. I’m vibing

  • HolyTriumph

    Joe Mutha Fuckin Cool

  • EC

    Props to the homie Joe Cool. If anyone deserves the shine its him. One of the hottest down south, period.

  • B3auu



    Been fuckin with Joe F’n Cool. Glad to see him get some of the lime


    @elloseventysix Joe Cool is one of Snoopy’s aliases

  • Darko

    Aye! Joe Cool is finaly on 2db thats dope ive been waitin on this Homie is Deff talented Say what you want bout his name but nigga raps his ass off and his music is pretty Good, Tweet that! lol

  • JoeCoolFan

    This shit makes me want to cry. You are so close Tee keep it up. The state of Louisiana is behind you my man.

  • Dope Artist
  • alex

    so dope