Pusha T Announces New Clipse Album

blame it on Shake December 23, 2011

Photo: SNKNY.

After his show at the Gramercy Theatre last night in NYC, Push announced that a new Clipse album is in the works and should be ready by 2013. So that’s the G.O.O.D. Music compilation, a Pusha solo offering, new Re-Up Gang music and a Clipse album all coming in the next year or so? I’m with it..

  • Title says 2012, below it says 2013. lol. i guess…

  • ^^its called a typo. sorry im not a robot.

  • theBroKing

    simmer down ^

  • 103

    You scared me with 2013 Shake.

  • ^ lol

  • ..

    woah calm down shake jeesh, getting so angry all the time

  • ^^ whats up now is what was said

  • $$$

    Lookin like Flavor Flav in a Pusha T costume.

  • NoName

    Damn tho 2013 u sure we’ll be alive then but that’s dope just confusing with next year or 2013 holidays got to shake ha

  • PaperKut

    I thought Malice retired though? Is this a Pastor Murda Ma$e thing?

  • sighs

    After hearing Casket Drops…..No Thanks. Solo Album with G.O.O.D. — much better.

  • sighs

    P.S. — #WheresMeka havent seen a post from him in a minute

  • ^^ hes flying from nyc to la for the holidays today.

  • HermesArtificerGod

    Nah, to be totally honest..Pusha’s material over the past year or so with GOOD Pusha. Pusha is just the more charismatic of the two

  • HermesArtificerGod

    what i meant to say was.Pusha’s material over the past year or so with GOOD Pusha. Pusha is just the more charismatic of the two

  • HermesArtificerGod

    WTF lol.. has the comment limit been shortened… Pusha GOOD < Pusha HHNF…

  • nystradomus

    Good thing you cleared that up^

  • HermesArtificerGod

    Also i prefer Malice over Pusha… Lyrically. Looking forward to hearing some new shit from the Clipse

  • HermesArtificerGod

    lol nystra

  • Ernie

    who cares. Pusha T isn’t gonna cut it as a solo act. No one wants to hear cocaine rap, that’s all he has to offer, he’s limited.

  • Nate Dza

    Would love this if it meant a REAL clipse album not that popular demand horseshit

  • DoubleClutch95

    New Clipse Album Title: As God As My Witness.

    From Lord Willin, to Hell Hath No Fury, to Til the Casket Drops, to As God As My Witness…I love the common theme behind their titles.

    And from what I heard they’re going back to the HHNF mode, so you already know it will be a classic.

  • HermesArtificerGod

    @ Ernie. name a CURRENT rapper who paints more vivid imagery than Pusha or Malice, except for say Nas or Lupe…especially taking into account their subject matter is predominantly cocaine associated. The fact that they weave metaphysics, crazy depth and imagery with their cocaine shit makes it fresh as fuck…

  • tay

    this clipse is back thats gunna b a crazy album…i wanna c if malice styll nice… this wave tho..

  • J-easythegreat

    isnt malice like a devote christian now soooooooo how is that gonna work christina/cocaine mixed rap lol blasphemy if you ask me

  • J-easythegreat


  • sweet jesus

    sorry next year you all die

  • Spike

    Pusha has gone wack without Pharrell tracks. Haven’t liked any solo shit except Trouble On My Mind

  • Spike

    Btw no way all these projects are coming out

  • Blackaristocrat

    The Clipse album is supposed to be called: “As God As My Witness.””

  • 2012, New Pusha Ton, Clipse Album, & a GOOD Music Album ? 2012 is lookin REAL GOOD in Music !!!!

    Lets hope they keep their word


    I thought Til the Casket Drops was dope. It wasn’t Hell Hath No Fury, but that’s one of the best albums of its decade. It stood tall with the Clipse’s overall oeuvre.

    But there’s no way all these albums are gonna drop. Re-Up is never gonna re-up, and I guarantee that Push is speaking too early on this Clipse album. Malice wouldn’t go from “I write books and preach and shit now” to “I’m fully back as a member of the Clipse now” so quickly; it’s likely they recorded a few songs that seem amazing now because of how it felt to make them, but are probably throwaways exhibiting the duo at their rustiest. I’m gonna go smoke and shit but when I come back I’ll discuss my predictions regarding the GOOD compilation.


    I have no idea whether the GOOD compilation will be dope or not.


    Boss Don Season


    It’s ya man Bigavelli

    so wavy!!