Shad – Besides (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake December 24, 2011

With TSOL still getting an insane amount of play, Shad hits us with a mix of his past features. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

Here’s a little joint I thought some fans might like; a 25-minute mix of some of the guest spots I’ve done on other projects over the past couple of years. Mixed by my man, the former DMC and Scribble Jam Champion, DJ TLO. Be sure to check out the tracks in full if you dig!

01 Give You All I Can
scratch bastid and i got together one time and yelled about how good stevie wonder and curtis mayfield are for about 7 hours then he pitched me this beat… i started writing about ma$e and natalie portman and ribs right away which tells you im in a good mood… looking fwd to more work with him.

02 Listen (rmx)
i put a new 3rd verse on this one and dallas green gave it a chorus and spiced up the verses. love that guy…

03 Notorious (rmx)
jazzy jeff on the beat… my first cornell west reference is contained therein…

04 Flawless
frank dukes gave me this heater and i felt like i had to do some deadpan punchline shtuff on there… norm macdonald flow: dirty work.

05 One Two Check
joint with my dude louwop. we did a dope live remix with zaki ibrahim. sleeping on her is not advised.

06 Rosegarden (rmx)
dj t lo beat is irreplaceable. i threw up a new verse and 2/3 of Tanya Morgan hopped on after i ran into don will randomly one time.

07 Love
unreleased track from that monster named tona. coming soon…

08 Stereotypes
new-new from TO group The Get By. beat is bonkers. had to get on there and shout out TBTBT…

09 I Want You Back
this was the first jawn i did with jazzy jeff. skillz and phil nash also holding it down on there.

10 Praise Da Lord
with maestro… we ate some harvey’s before the session and i got to learn from the godfather. good day…

11 Count Your Blessings
w/ relic who is a frequent collaborator i met through my friend the runaway. the green light’s got some heat on there.

12 Dawn Song (rmx)
was very happy to hop on this rmx with northwest legends blue scholars. we linked up thru mutual homie dj hyphen.

13 Paving the Way
incise ft. okay city (london!) and david morin with the smooth vocals….

14 Electric City
got another track with grand analog coming soon! love these guys…

15 It’s About Time
bonus track on TSOL. sometimes i forget how nice this beat is. promise does his thing on there too.

16 Heateration
real freeeqs w/ theo3, grimace love and famous. tone mason on the beat.… TeeDot underground is the best. fact.

17 Flux & Flow
lights killed this.

18 Live Forever (A Capella)
ive been doing this verse a lot at shows lately.

DOWNLOAD: Shad – Besides (Mixtape)
– Single .mp3

  • Tosin

    Good to be first. Shad representing Canada.

  • yall late

    why even put this up, you’re over a week late

  • zion

    ^because music is music, and without this i wouldn’t be aware of this dopeness!

  • DBS

    Am I the only one who thought his debut album was way better than what he’s put out since, not that TSOL was bad.

    And a (2)Dope Christmas to everyone, especially Shake and Meka.

  • Damn. Can someone split this up and rezip it?

  • factormax

    this guys voice has always been corny to me. just can’t get into TSOL

  • joppy

    one of the best MCs in the game hands down… yall need to really peep his work … man.. incredible flows..

  • Ryuk

    Merry fucking Christmas! This is amazing. The best doing it.

  • realtalk©

    dope name for a tape that follows this concept

  • aggzworth
  • JI


  • grs

    THE best lyricist out right now.

  • Karl Weber

    damn no one split these up yet?


    Full track for Paving the Way!

  • Jahyu

    BIGLOVE to SHAD and my dude TLO for this one +++


    YO!!! SHAD and MR. J. MEDEIROS incredible artists!! AMPED to hear the SHOUT!!!



  • GreyGonzales

    “Am I the only one who thought his debut album was way better than what he’s put out since, not that TSOL was bad.”

    Yes you are… The Old Prince and TSOL were both far better then When This Is Over…