Basketball is Back!

blame it on Shake December 25, 2011

With the seasons starting off with the Knicks edging out the Celtics and the Heat up by 20 against the Mavericks at halftime, the NBA is back! Feel free to use this post to live chat during the rest of the games today. Who y’all got?

Lakers – Bulls? Magic – Thunder? Clippers – Warriors?

  • Chance

    Knicks won, Thank You Based God. *waits for thee fuck lil b comments*

  • Tone Riggz

    Go New York!

  • $$$

    N. Cole, nigga.

  • b-rock

    bulls thunder clips… love the lake show but i think it’s gunna be a long year.

  • I got Lakers, Thunder, and Warriors in an upset for today. Who you got Shake?

  • Frenchie

    Bulls, Thunder, and Lob City. Mavs need a center like now. Brendan Haywood and co. suck dick….

  • 7

    Fuck basketball. Pussy sport, overpaid babies. Same goes for that pussy ass baseball shit too.

  • $$$


  • Benny Blanco from The BriX

    ^^^^^ Thanks for your opinion fuckface. You can fuck off now while the rest of us talk about basketball.

    I got Bulls, Thunder, Clips. I’m hoping for a Laker W tho cuz I don’t want the Bulls to win.

    KNICKS MUTHAFUCKAS!!! Fuck Boston & fuck bitch ass Garnett. Props to Baron Davis for defending his team mate. He grabbed that fool by the jersey & yelled at him like his son.

  • Toby

    LeBron going HAM.

  • Lebron James can score a thousand points per game, in the regular season, for all I care. He chokes when it counts, and that’s what matters.

  • realtalk©

    who gives a shit about any of the other games.. the knicks are 1-0 thats all that matters



  • F-YU


  • Cmon yo

    Miami aint with the fuck shit this year yo, Knicks still isnt better than the bulls.

  • wackness

    Fuckin Lebron. All he has to do is take a step towards the basket and those pussy refs are blowing their whistles.

    Knicks all day!

  • Go Dubs


  • dsfsf

    knicks suck point blank period!

  • Velimir

    I’m a Celtics fan, but for rest of the night I’m definitely rooting for the Clippers…

    By the way, I know how important NBA is for the US, but if you’d check out the in-progress-already Euroleague like we do here in Europe, it’d be like basketball never left.

  • who cares

    Lakers baby! Pretty good game so far

  • Master Lee

    Lakers all day baby!!! Fuck your team. lol

  • Fuck is the NBA nigga?


  • saulgoode

    chi-town swag.



  • ayoforyayo

    If you’re not from FL and you root for the Heat I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but bandwagoning ain’t 1.

  • mrcarlita

    all they can talk about during the thunder game is the clipper game. BTW, 2DBZ contest for a World Peace Jersey?

  • Swaggy Johnson

    Bucks > Rams > Marlins >

    Swagg Johnson

  • kelso11508

    soooo…..lakers lost….. merry christmas 2dopegirlz

  • That’s nice.

  • 2dopegirlz? damn, thats super clever bruh.

  • reel talk

    lol shake

    do you realize that you dead yourself with 90% of your behavior?
    cuz you do.

  • Matt C.

    that is all

  • #justsayin

    Warriors monta ellis

  • (l,k)

    stern needs to be removed, dude has ruined basketball. if you dont have a superstar you cant even compete anymore

  • SOL

    Mmmm yeah. The year is almost over. “30 Songs You Shouldn’t Leave 2011 Without” http://www.kidswastingtime.com/2011/12/30-songs-you-shouldnt-leave-2011.html

  • omft

    im amped that the NBA is back.. lebrons that dude …wheres the party at??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crO5dEhjBNg

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  • wackness

    ^What kind of ad is that?