Hellpit Faeries (Jean Grae & Mela Machinko) – Jingle F*cking Bells (FreEP)

blame it on Meka December 25, 2011

“It’s The Most Fucking Wonderful Time”

Mela and Jean teamed up to craft this, well, Grinch-like freelease in roughly a day. I mean, look at the title. Don’t expect anything to play in front of your family’s elder statesmen, unless said elder statesmen used to run with a crew similar to CJ’s gang in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Hellpit Faeries (Jean Grae & Mela Machinko) – Jingle Fucking Bells (FreEP))

  • $$$


  • Hatin Ass Terry

    i dont see any effin tracklist

  • lol fuck this i’ma listen to fab

    people wonder why nobody takes women seriously in this genre. i know they ain’t rapping like that, but, shit. this fucking shit is so wack it makes nicki minaj look non-gimmicky and talented as an emcee


    too funny

  • I don’t give a [email protected] whether this makes them look silly and this makes Nicki Minaj look non-gimmickry! I’ll take Jean Grae serious than Nicki Minj’s silly ass anyday and the only thing she is good for is “ass”! Are you serious? These are two talented artist something that Nicki Minaj isn’t, So i give this project a great “big thumbs up”!

  • wow

    what the fuck is wrong with y’all? laugh.. smile..

  • Maga D

    YES! New Jean is always welcome, but I’d been wanting some new Mela Machinko ever since the 9th album came out, I’d only heard her one song on bandcamp, but a Jean Grae collab (top 10 rapper) ep? shiiiiiiiiiiit. Yes.

  • Maga D

    Love the video btw. lmao

  • Steez Diamante

    I can’t believe this happened…oh man, this is the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen.

  • The Truth Is

    This is really great: fun and self humor

    This is what hip hop lacks of…


    them PCS dudes are Fired now LOL

  • Humor coagulating with a caliber of conscious artistic awareness and free expression that takes a risk, yet matches previous dope shit. Meaning, you guys got that dope funny shit.