The Weeknd to Re-Release Trilogy

Last night, The Weeknd took to Twitter to reveal that he will be re-releasing House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence as a re-mastered package with bonus features sometime this year. Dope! And now that the mixtape trilogy is out there, which is y'all favorite?

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  • JaySole

    House of balloons by far

  • marcus

    House of Balloons >> Echoes of Silence >> Thursday

  • realtalk

    House of Balloons > Thursday >> Echoes of Silence

  • Bricks

    thursday hands down

  • sheee

    thursday>house of balloons>>> echoes

  • eag

    house of balloons i can tell echoes of silence is gna grow on me though thts dope weeknd is doin it tha smarter way glad he looked up to MJ

  • Swagman

    Echoes, HOB, Thursday

  • John

    The savior of R&B

    Those mixtapes are better than any R&B album put out in a long time

  • house of balloons was the best one.

  • chad

    cmon bruh dont ask no question like that bruh you takin away from the art when you try to compare em. just enjoy that shit bruh they all classics.

  • yuurp

    House of Balloons > Thursday >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Echoes of Silence...

    House was more of a "fucking you at house party" tape and Thursday was more of "fucking you at the club" tape and the last was one just meh...

  • burd

    i like how his sound is the same yet changes with every project. the one thing i can say for sure is that his lyrics keep getting better and better and they were already good to begin with

  • Forget which one is the best (HoB tho), isn't it fucking amazing that he dropped three free mixtapes that aren't just album-quality but pushing the limits of R&B, all in one year?! Who, of any genre ever can make a claim like that? I mean damn. I'ma buy the re-release though, stoked as FUCK

  • fafa

    thursday is my favorite

    house of balloons was trippy, thursday is deep emotional and powerful, echoes is soft to me

  • yuurp

    Echoes could grow on me though... XO is ill. He prolly has the best Definitely coping the album whenever it's released.. Gotta support my HABISHA brother out!

  • RcrowNT1

    hob>echoes>thurs. but 4real i like them all. this dude is the future. i been tryn to tell people bout him ever since i heard " the morning"!

  • RcrowNT1

    hob>echoes>thurs. but 4real i like them all. this dude is the future. i been tryn to tell people bout him ever since i heard " the morning"!!

  • HOB>>Echoes Of Silence>>Thursday
    But I love Rolling Stone. I feel like I'm stealing him for not paying. Which is ironic cause I download hella albums that aren't free.

    Habeshas 4 life! lol

  • And damn Shake. I've been on 2dopeboyz for like 3 or 4 years and it still has this "You are posting comments too quickly" issue.

  • yep

    HOB, all great though, this guy is a genius cant wait to see what the album turns out like and what label he'll sign to

  • "cmon bruh dont ask no question like that bruh you takin away from the art when you try to compare em."

    i just asked which one was everyone's favorite. i didn't ask for some scientific breakdown of each. get that "ohhh you taking away from the art when you ask stuff" shit outta here.

  • Pro

    House of Balloons >>>>>> Thursday > Echoes of Silence . HOB just can't be compared to nothing. It will always be his Thriller. Yeah i said it. get up or get at me @pros2ill

  • Shy

    like that they're getting remastered but DONT like the extra features he'll be putting on it.
    all 3 are great as is. chances are he'll be letting drake drop some wack bars on his shit or something.
    please NO new features.

  • Mike Abate

    @shy I doubt that, am sure it's gonna be mostly changes in the instrumentals & knowing the producers he works with am sure it's gonna be dope & maybe some minor changes in his vocals

  • John

    In my opinion... Thursday > Echoes of Silence > House of Balloons. I just can't get into HoB for some reason.

  • House of balloons....

  • Master Lee


  • Sometime THIS year... or next year...

  • Rage

    after hearing all of the over and over again its gotta be House of Balloons>>> Echoes of Silence>> Thursday I mean his HOB mixtape is just to good to deny its not his best one

  • Thurs > House of Balloons > Echoes. I haven't properly listened to Echoes but it kinda bored me.

  • "Sometime THIS year… or next year…"

    c'mon bruh... 2011 is over.

  • JD

    HoB is the one album to rule them all haha.

    I'm stuck on choosing a winner between Thurz and Echoes though. I'm leaning towards Thurz because of how experimental it is. I felt like Weeknd KNEW he had us hooked off of Ballons so he was in the position to push the envelope a bit to see what he can get away with. Found out, and came back with a much more... listenable (?) album with Echoes. But fuck man- this dude released three genre changing albums in a year. wtf?? Who the fuck does this knee-grow think he is!!! lol

  • I'm expecting videos. What people don't realize is that this nigga Abel is putting out audiobooks, this isn't just music. Each mixtape is telling a different story, that's all tied into one. His pen game is on another level.

  • @ Shake lol... 5 days left, had to ask.

  • chad

    shake bruh if u aint never had a warrant out 4 yo arrest i advice you cut that tough guy not built like that nigga u a bitch.u a lame. fuck you & what you stand 4 i'll piss on yo daughter u lil bitch ass cracker.fuck the blogs bruh just post a address fuck flexin on the net wit ya bitch ass

  • chad

    fuck you care bout a favorite nigga fuck a favorite suck a dick

  • chad

    lil mac miller soundin bitch get sum bass in yo voice 4 you speak to me

  • chad is gay | I'm glad he'll be releasing these so people can buy it. I'm excited. I'm leaning more towards HOB though. That Loft Music is genius.

  • nah_dude

    there all good but house of balloons is def my favorite

  • Homie J

    HOB...errerday... dey know... OvOxO

  • hob>echoes>thurs. but 4real i like them all. this dude is the future. i been tryn to tell people bout him ever since i heard ” the morning”!!
    RcrowNT1 said this on December 26th, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    yess the morning is the shit

  • SB


  • Meka

    Shake's a fuckin homo! ... I can't take this guy serious after I heard how he sounds on that 2dbz BBQ video LMAO. My guess is, back in high school...Shake could definitely tell you what a wedgie felt like.

  • moke!

    HOB. love the morning. Thursday. Echoes. next week echoes may be my favorite though. just need to give it some time. the weeknds a genious

  • jnelly23

    House of Balloons best mixtape
    Initiation best song

  • mmkayy

    HOB...every song fckn song on that mixtape was dope

  • All of these mixtapes are dope.

  • My preference leans towards Thursday, but I can bump all three equally.

  • raptor

    HOB > EOS (Thursday was terrible)
    Frank Ocean > The Weeknd (The Dream is irrelevent)

  • msvssr

    House Of Balloons

  • unclesam

    Thursday was trash. There was maybe one or two decent songs but 90% of it was pure trash. HoB was ten times better and while I haven´t had the time to listen to EoS yet, I´m sure it´s ten times better than Thursday as well (the Dirty Diana cover is basically better than the whole Thursday project).

  • Real

    ^Personally, DD was one of my least favorite tracks (not that it was bad). Outside, XO/The Host (espectially The Host), Same Old Song, The Fall, and Next are where it's at. Not a big R&B fan typically, but I didn't have to try to like those.

  • shake is a douchebag

    I agree with chad a trilogy aka "the ballon series" isnt supposed to be compared its actually viewed as 1body of work.

  • shake is a douchebag

    I agree with chad a trilogy aka “the balloon series” isnt supposed to be compared its actually viewed as 1body of work.

  • chibulls

    for the people who say Thursday is trash.. you definitely need to go back and re-listen to it, that is if you listened to it in the first place.

  • The Invisible

    ^Nope... still God-awful.

  • Tyler Durden

    House of Balloons > Echoes of Silence > Thursday [nonetheless they should be considered ONE body of work]

    ...However House of Balloons transcends ALL... after hearing it all, I was convinced that this dude IS a talented/special individual/artist: the best piece of music in 2011... when I heard 'The Morning' and 'Wicked Games' for the first time shit blew my mind... The Morning is my personal favourite, but I do believe objectively, that Wicked Games is The Weeknd's best song; writing-wise [coupled with the production] thus far... truly, a talented muhfucka...

  • Tyler Durden

    Let's just HOPE he doesn't get chewed up by the commerical-machine...


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