Big Sean On Ludacris, Drake/Common, New Mixtape

blame it on Shake December 27, 2011

Big Sean recently called into Shade45 w/ DJ Whoo Kid to discuss his upcoming plans, Luda’s diss record (quote below), the Drake/Common situation and more.

For me, I’m from Detroit. So when it’s real beef, beef ain’t safe where I’m from. It’s real dangerous. I never really considered it no type of beef. I really looked at it as free promotion for me. Especially from something I said over a year ago. I ain’t know that people hung onto to what other men say that much. If somebody says something bad about me, I’m like oh well. But the fact that it was a year later and he’s still hanging onto it… But you know, it’s all love. I ain’t got nothing against dude at all, for real. I hope he has a great year for real.

  • Ludacris

    The same nigga who ran to his mommy yelliin momma momma when his car got car jacked.
    Nigga get the fuck out of here medium sean, you ain’t shit but a mama’s boy.

  • what?

    what a pussy, he got swung at and basically said “im a pussy, not a fighter” fuck medium sean and anyone else who fucks with this velvet ass fuck

  • Dante

    Big Sean is a Big Bitch

  • panoble

    bitch move, I’m guessing Drake is taking the same road. Bitch-made rappers, smh

  • Rec

    Aw man, dude is talking real slick like, Luda ain’t gon’ like this.

  • Ermac

    That’s what the new era of rappers are…pussy ass niggas who can’t rap

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “For me, I’m from Detroit. So when it’s real beef, beef ain’t safe where I’m from. It’s real dangerous. I never really considered it no type of beef.”

    Pussy, Bitch, Asshole

  • JUSTsayAB

    So y’all sayin he a bitch cuz he don’t wanna diss him back that don’t make him a bitch means he got better shit 2 do than argue on songs wit a nigga when he could be making real music for his fans shows what y’all niggas really about

  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    The picture says it all.

    Went to the mall the day after Christmas. The only humans I saw wearing they pants like that were flaming.

    I always thought Smedium Sean’s biggest fans were those type of dudes.

    No doubt they dress just like him.

  • FakirWise

    And he will continue to avoid this. Truth is, he’ll lose in a battle.

  • Crash

    I would brush Luda’s shots off too. That shit was way too transparent to give a fuck about. Why wasn’t Luda makin diss records when Drake said what he said or after Sean’s B.E.T. Cypher? Niggas realized they was mad a year later? Or was this “beef” because he had a mixtape to build some hype for? The only niggas that bought into this fake beef was old niggas on some “rap is soft now” type shit. Beefin for the sake of beef is corny.

  • What a politically correct answer to give. Times changed nobody wants beef anymore its a career killer. Sean blinked first, how you going to give a compliment to the dude who just called you out? =^\

  • HeSucks

    Big Sean was at Kendrick Lamars concert at The Music Box in LA with Dre, Snoop, Game, Mos Def etc. This nigga had the nerve to get on stage and say he wants to be the Pac of this new generation. NIGGA YOU CANT RAP!!! You phony ass nigga. Got jacked and ran to his fuckng mom. Punked by Luda.

    Fuckin loser. All the talent and Kanye signs this joke.

    Detroits Finest: Em, Royce, Elzhi and more but big Sean is wack.

  • DK

    Lmao let’s be honest you guys don’t like him. If this dude actually said something I guarantee all of you’d be talking about how disrespectful he was and that he should just take it and let it roll off his shoulders. Not really a fan of Big Sean but he took the best route when you don’t bother paying attention to these things and act like it doesn’t bother and the other guy just won’t let it rest he ends up looking stupid look at what happened with Kanye and Consequence a few months ago. I’m a fan of Luda but I’m so tired of these guys getting salty over the most trivial things.

  • Master Lee

    @Crash I agree. There is no beef anymore in Hip Hop. To start beef with anyone for no reason is stupid. If we’re going to criticize Game for doing it then we need to do the Same for Common and Ludacris.

  • TekZilla

    Man I almost forgot dude was from Detroit. LMAO he should be way better.

  • TekZilla

    Nice cool grey iv’s tho

  • 40ozProphet

    PAUSE that picture.

    This niggas a Pussy.

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    Haha, he taking the right route by not responding because he is not the battle rapper type, Luda would kill this nigga in an instant. But he gotta chill with the this ain’t real beef shit because if you say some shit like that, that’s a shot at Luda by brushing him off. Lol dude need to just stop bringing that shit up before it gets worst. Luda is one of my favorite but he is to great to be salty and mad off of some simple shit. SMH

  • r

    sean is high!

  • Nikki Rowe Warrior Swag!

    Hip Hop is a competition, it’s a sport, if he’s not down, then shit, he’s not a competitor, but if he is then go after that nigga prove them you can own up and show doubters you can beat/hold your own with the Legends. WE NEED NIGGAS THAT WANT TO COMPETE! QUIT HIDING BEHIND TWITTER or stop lying it doesn’t bother you. Anyways, like that bitch Drake, do some subliminal shots, just don’t deny it (1st reason drakes a bitch) or delete your tweet if you talk mad shit. (2nd reason Drakes a bitch.) or have your producer talk shit for you but deny you’re hating on the man. (3rd reason Drakes a bitch & main reason 40 [some shitty producer tbh] is a bitch.)

    Lets see some hunger for Hip Hop! Try to be the best rapper alive and quit being so soft!

  • Didn’t y’all used to drink cappuxxino and shit? lol
    He got grown ass men sayin boi
    dem Cool Greys though>>>

  • realtalk

    “If somebody says something bad about me, I’m like oh well.”
    Well you’d better get used to it after dropping such a shitty project like he did

  • what?

    hes a pussy, this is like a kid taking your lunch money and not doing shit about it

  • I still don’t know why people hang on to words so much. It’s not like he’s severely ignorant about the game. And if y’all really supported Luda so much, we wouldn’t hear so much talk about him being to “under rated”. Big Sean, Drake, Wiz, all these dudes just trying to live. I didn’t call him a bitch and tried kid napping his kids, he said something that he’d probably say to his friend in his hood or crew. It’s different now, so much, because he’s being blogged about?

    Y’all not talking about hearing lyrical battles, y’all talking about calling niggas bitches to their face! Beef, at least to this younger generation, means people die. That’s what it means now, and that’s what y’all want?

  • I get that rap, unlike any there genre, is competition and battle. But after ‘Pac and Big, it’s different now. If not the crews of these rappers, obsessive fans will try and fuck someone up. Keep that in mind.

  • DJ StankDaddy

    Pull ya fuckin pants up b… Shits not cool

  • SaySomethin’

    *daps DK, Nikki Rowe* …for the ones that wanna see lyrics get exchanged, i’m all for it, but it wouldn’t be fair; Sean would step in that ring and get “Ortiz’d” by the Hip-Hop Mayweather. Staying quiet and tryna let it die isn’t that bad of a move, its a smart one for him cause that aint his lane, but like it was said earlier, don’t keep bringing it up and throw subliminal shots when the back is turned but then try to “kiss his cheek” like its all love too. this is a business; no hard or soft feelings here, boi.

  • bullets

    Luda didnt even diss this sensitive niga lol all he did was give these wack biting young nigas a history lesson and of course with all there sensitivity and this being “the new school” they’ll totally avoid ludacris physically and musically then say slick shit in interviews smh these nigas is wild corny

  • Mike

    Every artist that says this crap about beef being unsafe etc. is so wack. I don’t know why they don’t understand the concept of direct competition that’s part of hip hop. It’s called a battle, grow some nuts and write a verse assholes. It will make your career and respect much more interesting and better, especially if you win.

  • Rob

    Big Sean is killing Ludacris he just madd

  • Loopee

    This non-beef beef shit is played out…..If you’re gonna call someone out and then talk about how you’re from somewhere like Detroit, don’t back down. If you didn’t want the beefm don’t start shit. It ain’t free promotion if no one’s checking your shit off some pussy comments like this one. You’d have more respect if you came back at the guy and failed then back down and acted like a bitch

  • Makmakley


    Co-sign 100%

  • Mars

    Bet money Luda never does another concert in Detroit as long as he lives.

  • Lioness

    Whoo Kid is wack.

  • FakirWise

    HOLD UP! So he said it a year ago. Is he trying to say that he’s retracting his words now or does he still feel the same. Because if he’s retracting his words I can see his current position the entire subject being justified. If not, he blatantly just fears a RAP BATTLE not street beef which he’s trying to compare it to.

  • the realest

    That’s what the new era of rappers are…pussy ass niggas who can’t rap

    Ermac said this on December 27th, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    ^ i’ve made that case plenty times before. but these music-blind niggaz call it hating. more pussy shit.

  • RealHipHop

    Is there any better way to duck n dodge?! A REAL Detroit nigga wouldnt let no slick talk slide n push it off as “Free Promotion”. I smell PUSSY!!! and Finally Famous got thrown out the window an hour after I downloaded that wack ass album.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Where can catch footage of Big Sean getting car jacked/ running to mom dukes? Shit sounds hilarious..

  • chris

    I hate dick riding radio interviewers. And I hate how he backing Drake before Common who is part of his “team”. smh wasn’t he dissing Drake or something too?

  • Toby

    SMH @ Big Sean. Fur coats, gold chains look… Imitating something he’s not, which if is not already verified by his weak music, then by this refusal to say anything bad about anybody or respond to any quote unquote ‘beef’..

  • your all idiots who say he’s a bitch … if he doesn’t want beef he don’t want beef, in the music game MOST fucking beef is promotional to there music …. he’s a good rapper if you listen to his old shit and SOME of his new shit. Just because he didn’t want to “swing back” means he’s just a bigger man and is just not wanting to be a dick or anything

  • lolol

    ^ i put that into google translation and it said “Im A Pussy”

  • ^ lmfao…..

  • FakirWise

    A mixtape and album later, I still don’t see what got him his deal. Everybody here knows it’s not going to some life threatening level with Luda, so what’s the problem. I say let’s see what got Kanye wanting his name on the dotted line. That’s promotion!

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