Gilbere Forte – Sweet

blame it on Meka December 27, 2011

And another artist goes in over No I.D. and Common’s “spray and pray” song.

  • Honestly…

    I respect Gilbere…but he feelin his self a little bit too much right now for nothin….

    You fallin off Mr. Forte, Fallin off that real ishh you was on early last year….

    Do the opposite and fall of the high horse you have so comfortably sat on for the past couple of months…


  • ThomThom

    This nigga is out for blood!!!!


  • Truthfully…

    Im not mad at this.

    I disagree with “Honestly”.
    For only dropping his FIRST mixtape just last summer, dude is actually ahead of the curve for not being signed to a major.

  • Rezzy


  • yep

    This songs cool but that 87 dreams had me expecting way more from dude ever since…. Downhill production wise since then imo… :(

  • FakirWise

    No clearer support for Big Sean evading a lyrical slaughter with that “spray and pray” comment. I’ve never been this disgusted coming to this site before. Guess I’ll listen to this track while I’m here.

  • FakirWise

    I meant to say Drake. Didn’t move along from my Big Sean post yet.

  • steelz202

    In agreement with yep and Honestly, 87 Dreams was fresh and showed promise but everything else has been deleted.

  • A Forte Fan

    ^^^^^ 87 Dreams was DAF, but theres no way hell you actually listen to Eyes of Veritas, Some Dreams NEver Sleep or even that project he did with that kid Sean Rose and can say the production went downhill. FOH

    I became a fan of homeboy shit becuase of the beats first, cuz thats what heads was telling me about. But then he can actually spit too AND make songs.