• hornytoad


  • BadaBoom

    MY GOOOOOOOOD! HOLY SHIIIIIIIT! *rewinds back and prepares for this to be on repeat all night*

  • OscarMayer Hawthorn

    This nigga cremated this beat and that's saying a lot cause I love the original. No ID would be proud. Add-2 for President.

  • –°hatham83

    That part when he went in like Big Pun >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. Right there with the legends I see you Add!

  • BeastMode

    What's good with the link???

  • –°hatham83

    I think Shake had a typo for the hyperlink. I just copied the hulkshare part to get it. here it is hulkshare.com/2geyiasryum5

  • Doval

    NOW DO YALL SEE WHY COMMON FUCK WITH ADD2?! MY NIGGA A BEAST! Bout time yall see what we been seeing for yeaaaars.

  • Clarion

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fuck coffee this just woke me up

  • Dino

    Came here looking for the lyrics like they posted for the last couple of jawns. This nig Add-2 be snappin B

  • undefeated

    my nigga bout to blow!! homie killin shit,,

  • Mscotty

    RIP to this beat. Add-2 is a fuckin monsta. All we need is Save.Our.Souls, a collab with Common and my life will be complete