Pill Opens Up About Label Issues

blame it on Shake December 28, 2011

After dismissing rumors of him being dropped by MMG, Pill took to Twitter to air his grievances about the lack of support from his label.

No TV and No Radio.. U do the math. I bet u can name you favorite artist and the turn on the tv and see the video and hear it on the radio. It’s not rocket science. Radio and TV b4 I had a deal, none after and u ask why Pill ain’t blew all the way up. Artist sign deals, label doesnt do shit for them or don’t even know to work the artist. time wasted. Ask Wiz Khalifa what Warner Bros did for him. I’ll wait.. dropped em. Atlantic signed em put em on TV and Radio and he sky rocketed. Mind you, whn I signed I had one of the biggest records in 09′ “Trap Goin Ham” never touched TV never touched radio. Now go back and do your research and see what unsigned artist was neck n neck with Drake’s So Far Gone in 09′ Pill 4180: The Prescription. If I remember tht list correctly. It was Nicki Minaj, Drake, Pill, Wayne, Jeezy. Nw what the hell ws a new cumber like me doin on that list? Because IM DOPE!! That’s why, u ain’t gotta believe it but I know it and won’t ever stop until I get that spot I deserve. Peace. Thanx. Top 10 freshman cover of the New Times, unsigned hype MTV fire starter cover Creative Loafing, German magazine’s, French radio, Jimmy kimmel. Did a movie with Evan Ross and Brittany Snow, Had a documentary air at the UN summit in Geneva, Switzerland, Mark Ronson’s album, toured. in London, countless shows in the states, Short Films, etc. and that with No TV or Radio. Now imagine some push and TV and radio would do.

Ok den!

  • kayo

    I fucked with Pill when he was putting out shit like ‘Trap Goin Ham’ ‘Ok Denn’ and especially ‘Run Up To Me’ w/ Gibbs.. that shit was FIRE

    He needs to stop fuckin with Luger and all these MMG beats though.. OK DENNN

  • trufisbak

    so uh… did he leave or not?

  • honest_truth

    its cause your not good….

  • Shy

    “Trap Goin Ham” was my shit.

  • guestdawg

    “cumber…” is that “comer”

    uneducated people don’t deserve to be on tv or radio.

  • Doc rovers

    Dude said he’s a “new cumber” haha. Someone skipped elementary school

  • JayElex

    he fit that in 140 characters?

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    Pill is a dope artist and he has always been. His problem was signing to a label without endorsing himself, why the hell would Ross push you into the tv and radio and your buzz was weak in the first place? The only two niggas other than Ross that’s eating in MMG is Wale and Meek because they had a buzz outside of their city and established people in the industry was cosigning for them. That’s his biggest mistake, not having the right people and resources around him when he decided to go mainstream because first impression is everything and TRAP GOIN HAM was dope but it wasn’t enough to make people remember his name.

  • Okden!

    Pill is nice, but he ain’t better for the team than Wale or Meek. That’s just how it goes bruh, MMG is a triple threat, and that’s the rock only gets passed between them 3 right now.

  • d easy

    Nicki Minaj, Drake, Pill, Wayne, Jeezy

    what list was that?

  • what?

    ^wack rapper list, white boy favs, top suburb high school favs…take your pick

    fuck MMG they fucking wack anyways


    @what? did your girl just leave you for a whiteboy in high school or are you always this insecure?

  • realtalk©

    lmao blame Lil Wayne on the white people huh.. i really dont wanna get into some racial shit but a SHITLOAD of black folks like Wayne, clueless white people just follow whatever black people like as far as hiphop (up until wac miller)

  • Ryan G

    Im white and dont look to know other man or race to decide what is dope. I listen to what I think is dope. Wayne is pretty trash these days unless your high and dont really care about the trash ass lyrics

  • Rec

    Needs to leave MMG and link with Gangsta Gibbs they make some fire tracks.

  • what?

    @ZANGIEF u mad bro?

  • doc rovers

    i love when people bicker over the internet

  • YATTi

    Before the deal, Pill was nice. As soon as Pill signs a deal he’s ass. Now that he’s off the label, he’s back to the shit. People are straight fucking haters I never seen anything about the dude but I never hated on him. I cared less about him and MMG. But some of these kids love to hate, I’m right just by reading these fucking comments. WTF yall hating on a label for? Get a life.

  • Pill style don’t fit MMG,I used to fuck with dude but after the MMG signing,I cooled off…he was aight on Self Made Album though but he gotta get a better work ethic,can’t rely on Record Labels for that part.

  • Bp

    He hyped himself up way too much with these tweets. Trying to make it sound like we was anticipating his shit. At least I wasn’t. There’s no way this nigga was “neck and neck” with “So Far Gone”. All that shit he listed off at the end are minor accomplishment; I’ve seen indie artists accomplish way more than this cat.

    However, I do feel what he’s saying as far as labels pushing artists and what not. He just got full of himself w/ those tweets; probably jsut built up frustration. Good luck to him though.

  • coke

    his 1at two mixtapes that arent MMG were by far his best work…i want P I double to succeed but honestly i hope its with another label…my heart dropped when i first heard the news cuz i didnt see it working…too bad jeezy didnt get him when he got gibbs..

  • clyatonbigsby

    Trap Goin Ham. Sounds like a million other tracks. Nothing special.

    Nothing special about this dude. He’s lucky they picked him up.

    And I don’t even F with Ross.

  • ?uesthate

    Wait were is Pill getting HIS research from? I mean I actually just did some research…theres no list found ranking Pill above Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy. Most people cant name 5 major songs from him. Wait and where is his spell check? He saying hes a newcomer or a cucumber.


    what is he talking about you gotta grind bro look at meek and wale that ima boss was a damn mixtape song no label push it was made by a local producer that meek came up with (jahlil beats) and house party by his brother (tone beats) everytime i see a pill post on this site its a damn freestyle meek went and got legends to co sign him like beanie sigel freeway all of stat eproperty ,sean price,cormega,jay-z let him perform at the wtt release party hes bitchen hes only been signed for less than a year hes tryna rush shit there not going to push nobody that doesnt have songs out and who only has fans on blog sites dude cant even get all of atlanata behind him thats bad it your damn city, go to philly theres fukn murels of meek on builidngs

  • d2e2

    dude is unmarketable his rap name is PILL fucking PILL for gods sake peedi crakk had to change his name to peedi peedi for a reason killa cam had to be cam’ron murda mase had to drop the murda see where im going

  • j

    Pill messed up when he stopped fucking wit Gibbs. Shouldve signed with Jeezy and not Ross. Im just laughing right now, cuz Pill chose money over respect. FUCK HIM



  • juju

    Imma say this…for a rapper in todays age…(internet) to be crying on twitter, blaming the LABEL… is pretty ridiculous. Notice this nigga is speaking of shit he ONLY DID IN 2009! What did he do in 2010 and 2011??…

    His peers Meek and Wale…got the fuck on ..and kept they grind…

    Shit Wale was technically finished in 2009 with his weak album debut…and now look at him in 2011? …. one word ” WORK”….. Pill need to play Meek song…and drill that word in his fucking head. I have no sympathy for cats that have ALL one needs to make a career. Bottom line PILL had that access..he had platform.. but you notice his OUTPUT dont match WALES or MEEK… Why? it anit Ross…. It anit no conspiracy…. shit niggas get MAD LAZY after they get signed…like they anit gotta work. NOBODY was really foolin with Meek like that… now look at him… He all over the place.. WORKING… doing mad verses…videos…dropping mixtapes.. GOING DUMB hard! Pill you need to man the fuck up nigga…stop being lazy and go the FUCK IN …..instead of cyring looking for sympathy from fans brah… THAT ANIT G. Now go to WORK!

  • Thinker

    2 problems here.

    problem 1:
    thinking he was ever on a list with some mainstream ass rappers like lil wayne, jeezy, nicki minaj & drake.

    Dude i live hawaii. thats the 50th state and the farthest from everybody. your ass was never heard around here like those guys were.

    problem 2:
    thinking the label is supposed to be doing all the work.

    nigga thats why they signed YOU. so you could work for THEM.

    this nigga actually thought he was gunna sign to Rick Ross and get to put his feet up. i hope Rozay tosses his ass out on their next drive to a buffalo wingstop.


    when will rappers learn not to ride someones coattail… wale will be the next to fall out. meek gna be like hov memphis bleek.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Hmmm @Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin said it best and summed it all up.. it’s the truth. It sounds like he’s a bit mad his labelmates Wale and Meek Mill buzz was already bigger than his and MMG just enhanced it in front of his face. Again that’s no fault of MMG. He’s a different project just off the strength the lack of buzz he has now. Lastly he can’t say MMG didn’t give him a platform to shine and possibly get more fans and a bigger buzz; because he did record and have verses on the MMG compilation, he was on BET Award Cypher and he did tour with MMG and did have radio appearances with MMG and he didn’t do his part to stand out and shine! So ultimately Pill is to blame for Pills lack of popularity! Stop complaining man up record music, push ya music, drop some mixtapes, get some singles off the mixtape to pop and get interviewd on some satelite radio stations. Grind and stop cryin!

  • random

    honestly i think the dude just means they wont give him a release date for his album. wale dropped quick & meek is rite up next. he did drop the diagnosis & those loose tracks last month. jus a thought

  • whatupsucka

    Stalley had a similar twitter rant not to long ago. Then he came to the conclusion that he’s gonna have to work out and put out a new mixtape. Now you see him with new videos. Where’s Pill’s shit? I can’t name 1 song by Pill. It’s all his fault. The guy did magazine covers and got on BET Cyphers and did nothing? Shit, I don’t even rap, but let ME get that platform and you won’t even SEE me tweet for weeks ’cause I’m too busy recording shit, shooting and editing my own videos, and going on tours. Just do a youtube search on Meek Mill. That nigga has over 50 music videos of freestyles and songs. Thats all Philly shit.

  • Flip

    This nigga stinks, waste of money signing this bum…..Ross should of sign 2 chainz…..that nigga is on FIRE!!!!!!!1

  • Tay

    Pill was slick on Self Made but I never paid him any mind before his signing to MMG. All I know is I see Meek and Wale getting features, putting out shit, they even gotta mixtape coming up together. I don’t know if they leavin him out intentionally but he just ain’t gettin it poppin for himself. Plus those wack ass freestyles he was dropping over other peoples beats wasn’t helping either.

  • eZ

    ill say this…. I saw Pill perform PAC-MAN in ATL for Summer Jamz (the biggest show in ATL) and no one knew who he was… if you cant get your city to fuck wit your music and direction…then you need to grind more… just like Wale…Just like Millz