Dee-1 – Standing Ovation (Video)

blame it on Shake December 29, 2011

Dee-1 salutes the other 49 nominees for this year’s XXL Freshmen list, which can be found (and voted on) here.

  • d1iswack

    people only lke this cat cause hes trying to be some up standing citizen or some shit.. HES WACK! thats all there is to it! HES GARBAGE! .. he tried to do some 50/wayne/whatever diss track or something .. i mean.. this guys a clown, a gimic.. to quote nas.. a pussy, a stan. haha. It really just mind boggles me, because everybody knows hes gunna fade away and just be a laughing stock.. you can create a buzz, but you can’t create talent.

  • unclesam

    Dee-1 is dope as always.

    Top ten should consist of:
    Schoolboy Q, A$AP Rocky (for impact, rather than talent), Action Bronson, Casey Veggies, Dee-1, Jon Connor, Danny Brown, Smoke DZA, Stalley and one of XV, Phil Adé, Kid Daytona, Emilio Rojas & maybe Chip (although his buzz has weakend in 2011 imo, same goes for Emilio Rojas). I KNOW this won´t be the final list, but this is the ten most talented rappers out of the bunch IMO (from those I´ve heard that is) with the most potential to create GOOD music, rather than popular music.

  • Vic D

    Damn that was dope!

  • Detroit89

    to that dude at the top, who obviously have not heard much Dee-1’s music, or much good music. i don’t know how you can conclude that he is a pussy if you do not know him. I also am not sure who is laughing at him either.

    also xxl voting only gets the 10th spot whihc is bogus because the rest will be bought out by cash money or the labels to get their guy on. It is rigged really.

    I would put Dee-1, Danny Brown, Smoke DZA, Stalley, Action Bronson, Emilio Rojas, ScHoolBoy Q, A$AP Rocky, Casey Veggies, Don Trip. Its a good mix of different rappers who each individually are dope. the whole xxl freshmen is overrated it is about betting who will “blow up” but it should be who should get recognized for being dope. there is a difference

  • playa haze

    thats luv

  • E

    this is fucking AWESOME

  • The U.N. is Nasty

    I voted for Q

  • Truthfully

    It’s cool that you got respect for em.. But you sucked wild dick just now my nigga. All over the track… You sucked all them niggas off.

  • roxyboxycot-in

    dude at the top is a bid sean fan

  • roxyboxycot-in

    dude at the top is a big sean fan

  • htown

    my antivirus caught a trojan when i clicked on the xxl list

  • SMH

    Who is this chick?

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  • Dat Dude Chris

    Is it jus me but when I click on dat link, I cant see or vote for anybody smh

  • kd

    the ten 2012 XXL freshman should be:
    ScHoolboy Q
    Phil Ade
    Don Trip
    Smoke DZA
    Action Bronson
    A$AP Rocky
    Jon Conner
    Casey Veggies
    Danny Brown
    BUT MGK, Future, & Chevy Woods (cause of Wiz’s fans) will probably make the list

  • K-Ton

    I’d hope to see: A$AP Rocky, Casey Veggies, Dee-1, Hopsin, Jon Connor, Playboy Tre, Schoolboy Q, Stalley, Trouble & XV. A good mix of everything and good music. (Chip tha Ripper and Smoke DZA should have been XXL Fr. long before this cover)