Malice On His Book, Christ, Clipse, etc (Video)

blame it on Shake December 30, 2011

Malice sits down with Primetime Radio to talk about his new book, his relationship with Christ, Pusha’s thoughts on the whole life change, his upcoming solo project and the next Clipse album.


    ever since he done that video saying him and pusha are fakes just giving the kids what they want i just cant take em serious any more

  • haters gon hate

    ^^lol…it was him showing how they really are living NOW..not that they are fakes…its obviously music telling a story and their inventive at it…also their managers all went down for conspiracy bout 3 years ago..u happy?? its real..there u go…u gonna buy all the albums now? didnt think so…

  • DoubleClutch95

    ^ Tru story! You cant rap about coke for “9 years strong” with such elegance and grace as the clipse do and be fake.

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  • chris

    What is that beat in the background? Don’t recognize it but its dope.

  • ^ “I’m Not You”, from the album Lord Willin

  • InYourFaceIllmunati

    “I’m sold out for Christ! It ain’t no game for me” – Malice Praise and glory be to God for Malice