Cassidy Freestyles in Philly (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas December 31, 2011

Footage of Cassidy giving the crowd an original off the top freestyle at this year’s Philly Hip Hop Awards. You ever wonder if these rappers are really freestyling these rhymes or just reciting written’s? And if so, why not just work on becoming better at freestyling? Just a thought. Nevertheless, lyrically, yes and the wordplay is on point, good show by Cassidy.

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  • undefeated

    the ass at :55 tho…!

  • Enlite

    Talkin about a whole lot of nothin man. We don’t need rappers comin back to the city their from just to talk shit. Why not spit something like this? (Cassidy rapping about God & the Bible) – Realer talk

  • Wonton Soup

    gtfoh nobody wants to hear that bible bullshit son

  • yerp

    the ass at :55 tho…! -> thats Cat Washington from the Bad Girls Club show

  • yupp…

    i think you can question any one else’s freestyling ability but no cass.

  • “My drink and my 2 step”
    That God freestyle was real though.

  • Po’

    what is the name of the instrumental that starts up the video ? Anyone know ?

  • donkey Kong Cornelius

    @Po’ it was the beat from French Montana-Shot Caller

  • Duress

    this nigga lame, philly hip hop awards are lamer, bunch of nuthuggas and wannabe thuggas choose jews, you lose.
    I agree cassidy should drop some real shit instead of this corny ass gun punchline gimmick he’s been riding, this nigga ain’t a wolf, his family lives lovely in west oak lane, thats like a nigga from forest hills talking about he hustled on the block come on fam stop phraudin.