• undefeated

    the ass at :55 tho...!

  • Enlite

    Talkin about a whole lot of nothin man. We don't need rappers comin back to the city their from just to talk shit. Why not spit something like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dql1v154R0U (Cassidy rapping about God & the Bible) - Realer talk

  • Wonton Soup

    gtfoh nobody wants to hear that bible bullshit son

  • yerp

    the ass at :55 tho…! -> thats Cat Washington from the Bad Girls Club show

  • yupp…

    i think you can question any one else's freestyling ability but no cass.

  • http://www.twitter.com/kidmemezmurize Mezzer

    "My drink and my 2 step"
    That God freestyle was real though.

  • Po’

    what is the name of the instrumental that starts up the video ? Anyone know ?

  • donkey Kong Cornelius

    @Po' it was the beat from French Montana-Shot Caller

  • Duress

    this nigga lame, philly hip hop awards are lamer, bunch of nuthuggas and wannabe thuggas choose jews, you lose.
    I agree cassidy should drop some real shit instead of this corny ass gun punchline gimmick he's been riding, this nigga ain't a wolf, his family lives lovely in west oak lane, thats like a nigga from forest hills talking about he hustled on the block come on fam stop phraudin.