Chuck Inglish – Working (Beat Tape)

blame it on Miss_Peas December 31, 2011

The Cool Kids Chuck Inglish stands and delivers with an exclusive instrumental tape featuring 20 brand new heaters ready to burn your speakers for 2012. Producers take notes, rappers say “thank you”, this is how you stay supreme. Now if we could get an Alchemist beat tape all would be right in the world. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Chuck Inglish – Working (Beat Tape)
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  • jaymoney10foe


  • Milq n Honey

    I can’t wait to burn this and slide the CD in my car to freestyle over!

  • Nuff Said………..

    “Watch me paint an empty canvas
    empty handed, freak of nature; simply mannish
    yet the plan is reciprocated thru honest living
    plan on winning I visualize, don’t dim the vision
    what kinda linen or denim they make 4u to swim in
    I come from different jeans, can’t help but mention dreams
    is inspiration thru constant hating n ghetto prisms
    nigga tried to steal so I had to let metal hit em
    damn, I’m going over your head again
    whispers in the silence of the soldiers that’s dead, the wind
    blows, oppose foes wit immaculate flows
    I got a gang of potential, pain in my mental
    tear drops falls like the rain on your window
    from my eyes, legitimize ashamed of my kinfolk
    cain and the indo, flames from within show
    scars, faith in God I can heal like an insole
    peep it, the caged bird sings
    too late to understand all the rage hurt brings
    so I sing with ghetto dreams, displayed on the scene
    follow streams of eternal sunshine, son rhymes
    wit a purpose, perfectly surfaced
    beneath the skill of my verses, the game full of clowns
    feel the thrill of the circus, yield to the curses
    hoping you survive when the situation worsens don’t fuck wit me….”

    Feel my takeover in the 2012
    Download my free mixtape Scattered Abroad and album M.I.L.F. (Music I Love Forever)

  • ddave

    An Alchemist tape would be right or a Just Blaze or Boi-1da tape would be nice as well.

  • scuba man

    SHITS ILL! always feelin chuck’s beats. this is good look

  • young nigga

    keep dreaming about an alchemist or just blaze tape

  • Eli

    Any chance that we can get a hulkshare link for this bad boy?

    I can’t get mediafire here in China.


    Yo word up…Chuck…these joints are okay…not “fire”,”ill”,”classic”,”super dope”…not writing material…more like midnight movement music…watching a movie on mute with the beats in the background type of shit….thank for the hard work…keep elevating the game..what up Rashad..peace

  • I agree with SLAMGbangKHAUL. This shit was aight, if that. Not writing material at all. Maybe more like “download and let sit and take up space on your desktop” type of music. Unfortunately my download already hit the recycling bin. An Alc tape would definitely be a much better tape


  • Ryuk

    Yeah how dare a pproducer make beats that aren’t necessarily meant to be spît on! Who the fuck does tthis guy think he is.

  • E-Fresh

    I hope you dummies didn’t really think he would give his best material away for free did you?????? SMH. Word up to Chuck Inglish man. Shit’s dope

  • Mikeeeeeeee !

    I fuck with Chuck, but his producing skills fell off. These beats have the same sound to them, they’re hipster beats; Trying too hard to be different and ending up failing.

    Dope artwork, wack beats, and this is in my recycling bin.

    I agree with Dooley, this tape is shit.

  • Enjoyed the tape a lot, however a lot of the tracks reminded me of The Beastie Boy’s “The Mix-Up”.

  • Antyon

    lol at Ryuk some of these beats were already rapped on fool

  • Maga D

    Damn, this shit’s.. Download this. Great tape chuck, been waiting on it.

  • Maga D

    Oh, & maybe they’re not “rappin” beats, but the sound of the beats are fresh. A beat tape/Instrumental tape is different from Instrumentals off of hip hop albums type of tapes. And some of you needa step your rhyme game up if you think you can’t spit on some of these. Hope that makes sense, yo dope beats anyway Chuck, lovin em.

  • JACK M.