Rick Ross – Spend It x Mirror Freestyles

blame it on JES7 December 31, 2011

Jeny Romero

Two new freestyles from Ricky to hold the fans over until Rich Forever. X. Happy New Years dopeboyz & girlz! Be safe out there!

Rick Ross – Spend It Freestyle

Rick Ross – Mirror Freestyle

  • ddave

    Who’s the girl?

  • Santa

    Yea what’s her name?

  • ddave

    That chicka can get it!

  • BX55

    the chick is the only thing interesting LOL but RICK FALSE IS EXTREMELY WAK AS FUK

  • Teeamo

    I suffer from terminal vandalism after looking at that pic

  • Teeamo

    But then again…

    I bet Budden already hit it…

  • rUANHOLLdsd

    T.I. – Popped Off (Feat. Dr. Dre)

  • ..;

    The main reason why he doesn’t sell records is because people can’t relate to him
    He doesn’t connect with his fans
    He doesn’t ever keep it real and show the real him and people can see that
    It’s all entertainment with him (Over The Top)
    The only real things his fans know about him are the things he is ashamed of and didn’t want to come out
    It’s quite sad really a grown 35 yr old man with children acting like a kid in school
    His fan base is teenagers who are young and confused and he takes advantage of them
    They are like abused women who still stick up for their abusive husbands even after all the lies and beatings

  • Thinker

    ^^^ tell that to his consistent output of number one albums on all his releases. you hating because you confused faggot. get wit it or get gone. nobody needs your high school essay of hate on this nigga. damn!

  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    Thinker: #1 albums don’t mean shit when you are only there for a week.

    Numbers don’t lie. For him to the so called biggest thing in rap he’s never went platinum. Never came close.

    I wonder how he supposedly has all this money with the budget he wastes and he’s only went Gold once.

  • elandyo

    Wait fam did you just call me an abused women for liking Rick Ross’ music?

  • Rob

    Look Rick Ross has 3 gold albums. Deeper Than Rap hasn’t touched gold yet and Teflon Don was still a flop nonetheless. Everybody thought he replaced Jeezy but Jeezy has 2 platinum albums and the Recession will get the certification eventually. TM103 will hit gold no doubt after a month or 2. And I say platinum by 5 months. Rick Ross is a fraud and has flopped again with GFID. He stole his albums next title from Cory Gunz (even though he hasn’t dropped that album).